ART AND SCHOOL 12. ROOT | 2022-23

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For the school year 2022-23 Art and School proposes to talk about ROOT.


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The root is the organ which anchors a plant to the ground, and which allows it to absorb water and nutrients. Starting from this definition, there are many other derivations.

Root as recall, remembrance, family; linked to anthropology.
Also linked to history and the human being. A root may be the house, or family, or fri-endship. Roots shape our identity.

They also connect us with nature, or with the rural world, with botany and the vegetable kingdom, or more broadly, with biology and taxonomy, which is the science that at-tempts to classify living organisms based on common ancestors and roots.

Root as origin; of people, of species, of plants
Starting point; fundamentals. To go to the root, the most essential and primary.

Root is used in linguistics, referring to the part of the word which contains its meaning.

And a root in mathematics is that value which makes the function zero.


The list of artists who have explored this theme from various perspectives that we have presented could be very long. It is a theme which features prominently in the careers and thoughts of many artists. Here are a few:

Visual Arts

- Francesc Abad
- Christian Boltanski
- Gabriel Chaile
- Jimmy Durham
- Anna Fux
- Pedro G. Romero
- Guillermo Gómez Peña i Coco Fusco
- Sigurður Guðjónsson
- Rebecca Horn
- Anselm Kiefer
- Alexandra Knie
- Britta Marakatt-Laba
- Ana Mendieta
- Anette Messeger
- Fina Miralles
- Shirin Neshat
- Olu Oguibe
- Giuseppe Penone
- Perejaume
- Faith Ringgold
- Diana Scherer 
- Cecilia Vicuña
- Kara Walker

Specific artworks
- Jordi Canudas, Al portal de casa_ I els constructors_. Project with the school La Sínia from Vic. 2011.
- Alicia Casadesús, Llauró. 12 cites. 2000
- Maya Deren, The Witch’s Cradle. 1943
- Lara Fluxà, Llim. 2022
- Van Gogh. Arrels d’arbre. 1890
- Frida Kahlo. Arrels. 1943
- Yong Ju Lee Architecture. Root Bench. 2018 a Seoul
- Marianne McGrath, Arrels (Roots). 2014
- Malgorzata Mirga-Tas, Re-enchanting the World. 2022
- Violeta Parra, Árbol de la vida. 1961
- Javier Pérez. Raíces. 2010
- Enric Pladevall, La cripta. 2021
- Gala Pont, Llamp/Arrel
- Mapi Rivera, KÄÄNNA JUURI, Invertir la Raíz. 2020
- Andra Ursuta, Predators’R Us. 2020

Art movements
- Minimalism. Go to the root, to the most essential and primary (ex: Sabine Finkenauer)
- Dadaism. as the root of language (ex: Hannah Höch)

Art Installations, actions and performances

- John Akomfrah, Auto Da Fé. 2016

- Giuseppe Licari. Humus. Secret Gardens, Tent Rotterdam 2012: https://www.giuseppelicari.com/humus.html

- Fina Miralles. Dona-arbre, 1973 https://www.macba.cat/es/arte-artistas/artistas/miralles-fina/translacions-dona-arbre-documentacio-laccio-realitzada

- Henrique Oliveira. Transarquitetônica. 2014 https://www.plataformaarquitectura.cl/cl/02-368082/arte-y-arquitectura-artista-brasileno-construye-un-laberinto-de-raices-de-madera?ad_medium=gallery


- LUX & MATRIX. Grup Show at ACVIC. 30.09 - 30.12.2022 - https://www.acvic.org/ca/projectes-expositius/3902-lux-matrix

- Ai Wei Wei. Raiz Weiwei. At Sao Paolo. 2018 - Sala Arte Joven at Community of Madrid. Raíces por defecto. 2022 https://www.neo2.com/raices-por-defecto-en-la-sala-arte-joven-de-madrid/

Social field: Tradition, life, origins, past

- Fundació Arrels. The homeless: https://www.arrelsfundacio.org/es/

- Revista ARRELS https://arrels.info/revista/

- Marta Lloret. Caçadora de masies ing: @lloret.m.b


- A scientific archive on tree roots.. Universitat de Wageningen University & Re-search Image Collections (Holland): https://images.wur.nl/digital/collection/coll13/search


Cover image: Calluna vulgaris: Lichtenegger, E. (Erwin) (Wurzeldarstellungen), 1992. From: Wageningen Univertity & research imatge collections - https://images.wur.nl/digital/collection/coll13/search

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