foto presentacio claudi casanovas BRCeramics, 1975-2015
Presentation by Pep Madrenas, Jordi Puig and Claudi Casanovas

Wednesday 2th June at 7 pm
in ACVIC Centre d'Arts Contemporànies

ACVIC Centre d’Arts Contemporànies and ÚRSULA LLIBRES invite you to the presentation of Claudi Casanovas, Ceramics, 1975-2015, by Pep Madrenas, Jordi Puig and Claudi Casanovas.

Limited capacity. Broadcast in virtual format through the ACVIC Youtube channel.

The book by Claudi Casanovas, Ceramics, 1975-2015, reviews forty years of work by one of the most original artists in contemporary ceramics, internationally recognised for the power of a body of work that has tended towards the expression of a monumental character, without losing a very personal poesy along the way. In this book, for the first time, Claudi Casanovas (Barcelona, ​​1956) attempts to exercise a perspective that, with the approach of an anthology, highlights the coherence of an entire career, from the first experiments, even then mesmeric, with earth and fire, to the introduction of unusual elements such as the radial grinding saw, a fork lift truck, or freezing techniques, which have broadened the creative possibilities of ceramics to unbelievable extremes. In this itinerary, which pays significant attention to the twenty relevant collections on which he has worked since 1988, when he began to treat clay as a newly fired stone, he establishes a connection with an inherited tradition that put an end to the conflict between arts and crafts, especially through the memory of his grandfathers, the sculptor Enric Casanovas and the Japanese lacquer master Ramon Sarsanedas.

 Photography by Jordi Puig.