Rovelldefoc WEB brInaugural culture and mental health weekend

18th and 19th November 2023
At Refugi (La Guixa)

>  What is ROVELL DE FOC?
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The Rovell de Foc weekend is an activity organised by La Clota for young people to reflect upon their feelings of unrest, lending visibility to first-person experience, and to raise awareness of the healing potential of artistic expression confronting these experiences.

The Rovell de Foc weekend will take place at the Refugi (La Guixa), creating a number of activity spaces. Each space is designed to be shared and will represent a cultural discipline: discussions, workshops, cinema, cooking, and performances.

Those invited to activate these spaces will offer their perspectives on issues which trouble young people such as certain social constructs, discriminatory assumptions, job insecurity, medicalisation or pathologisation, as well as offering strategies for self-regulation using artistic expression.

We invite all cultural, health, activist and educational collectives to participate in these open dialogue spaces, in the belief that the general public has the same say than the guest speaker, regardless of the place from which he or she speaks.

Throughout this gathering we will have spaces for sharing experiences, dinner served by youth collectives, as well as activities to make the Refugi a habitable and shared space during the weekend.

ACVIC collaborates with Col-lectiu La Clota in the Rovell de Foc initiative, created by the Ocell de Foc community, a programme promoted by the Direcció General d'Economia Social i Solidària, the third sector and cooperatives of the Departament d'empresa i treball de la Generalitat de Catalunya. The programme is led in Osona by Osonament, and in Berguedà by Fundació Horitzó. ACVIC participates together with other institutions from both regions.


*10:00h. Self-organised Anonymous. Round table to share the feeling of discomfort when starting out as a collective.
Moderated by Na Pai.
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*12:00h. No limits on bikes. Community responses from a bicycle saddle. Bring your bike!
Activity with Aurora.
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16:00h. Mad Pride. What resources are being offered by the cultural sector?
With Mª Mar Serra and Davit Grigalashvili, activists from the Fundació Horitzó del Berguedà, and Xavier Puig, journalist.

*10:00h. Losing the fear of dancing. T-shirt printing workshop.
With Alba Sauleda and Mariona Armengol.
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11:30h. #relleus. The collective action #relleus alternates between taking a decision or placing trust in others. With Deriva Mussol.

*16:30h. Personal portrait. Plastic expression workshop (Capacity: 15th people).
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*13:30h. Senegal on the plate. Aliu, Mike and Koly will be cooking food from their country, delicious food and inviting culinary culture.
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10:00-13:00h. Immersive meditation space.
With El Refugi.

17:30h. Screening and discussion: "Zauria(k)" 
With Haritz Andrés Laguia.

13:00h. La Serra Music Band. Concert by the band of the CRAE La Serra de Taradell. Cover versions, joy and youth, presented by Charly Kalatrava.

20:00h. Faneka. Progressive folk and other musical madness.


12:30h. A place for Death. "Jo he desitjat la mort, i tu?" (I wanted to die, and what about you?) dialogues and experiences about human finitude. With Anna Pedrola, Xè and Vicky l'Arròs.

16:30h. Cultural references in processes of change and disruption. How can culture/creation help us to manage/support/ rethink how we live the moments of change/life disruptions?
With Xè, Laura G. Ortensi, Anna Vilamú and Mar Pujol. Moderated by Na Pai.

*10:30h. The mystery of transformation. Approaching the integration of finitude with biodance (Capacity: 17th people)
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*16:30h. Imagining mental health. Participative mural with Carla Serrat (Espai Flum)
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*13:30h. La paella de les Noves Oportunitats. A communal dish prepared by young people with the desire to learn about the world.
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10:00-13:00h. Immersive meditation space.
With El Refugi.

18:30h. Screening and discussion: "Donnie Darko".
With Cineclub Vic.

13:00h. Laura Marsal and Marçal Ayats. Dialogues of music and dance.

19:00h. Adria Ballús and Bruna González. Songs which tell of more intimate things, and others which tell of wider concerns.


* Registration is open until 16th November.


*9.30h. Bus-Bike Service. Come with your bike and arrive together at the Rovell de Foc!
Organised by Aurora

Saturday 18th November and Sunday 19th November
Departure both days at the same time: 9.30am
Departing from the front of the train station, Plaça de l'Estació, 11, 08500 Vic
Arriving at: El Refugi Carrer Pau Vila, 2, 08505 Sentfores

How it works: You will only be accompanied on the way to the Refugi. You must arrive at the train station 5 minutes before the indicated time. The bus-bike will start punctually at the indicated time forming a group of people to ride along the route. The ride will take approximately 15 minutes. At all times riders must follow the instructions given by their designated guides. Above all, don't be late because the Bus-Bike will not wait for strugglers!

If heavy rain is forecast, the weekend’s events will be cancelled and all registered participants will be informed. Remember to check your bike, and have it serviced in advance. Remember that the use of a helmet is required. In the case of people under 16 years old it is compulsory. *Prior registration for the activity is required.
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Línes 470 and L6

By car:
BV-4316 to Sentfores

Map: https://t.ly/EX63K


REGISTRATION FORM *The data usage will be of an exclusively internal nature within the framework of the Ocell de Foc programme. **If you are under 16 years old you will need an authorisation from your parent/legal guardian.