Mapes pedris 6During the month of April 2012 MAPS project worked with the Club Social El Pedrís, a service of Fundació Centre Mèdic i Psicopedagògic d’Osona.

2 workshops with different groups, one of 5 participants and one of 7. Many participants lived in or knew Vic, which made it possible to work on a route in a more personal way, and to focus upon preparing the photographs.

The first session, at ACVic, introduced the activity and the participants. Users took a first look at the map, finding the streets on the route. They learned how to use the cameras and started practicing with a few photos.

The second session was a tour of the historical centre of Vic. Following the map seven locations were found, at which, in shifts, each participant took a photograph of the group and of the monument. Always working as a team, helping each other to take the pictures and guiding by the map. The concepts of general shot and detailed shot were introduced.

Third session, at ACVic, remembering the route made, copying and pasting the pictures in each of the locations on the map. Then each participant draughted the journey using tracing paper. Tracing a route on paper permitted us to talk about representation, abstraction, memory. It was a good way to introduce concepts about contemporary art.

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