First activities of the programme Pedagogical Intersections

A first project of the programme, a collaboration with UVic, has started as a part of the Artistic Didactic I class and with the participation of lecturers Montsita Rierola and Laia Solé. Two artistic projects have been proposed: Criss-crossing by Jordi Lafon,during October and November of 2010 and a second project, Correspondences, during the course 2010/2011.

Both activities work through the concept of itinerary and experience of the immediate environment according to two curriculum subjects in primary school; Discovering the environment, and Communication and languages. ACVic supports this proposal, and a part of the collaboration consists of carrying out the activity on the premises of Acvic centre. The other part of the collaboration consists of deploying complementary mechanisms to generate new forms of connection among students, artistic practice and the reality of our environment.

Criss-Crossing is a project combining different typical registers of artistic tradition. On the one hand it takes as a reference the act of walking as an aesthetic practice, to use the actions and consequences derived from it, such as for example observation and reflection on our environment. On the other it incorporates the use of digital photography as a starting point from which to observe and generate a graphical record of the act of walking. Finally it uses drawings as an universal system of representation. The innovation is that the experience of drawing as well as the whole itinerary become a collective essay. To walk, observe and register through digital photography is the starting point of the transformation of a graphical memory into a mural of pencil drawings.

Drawing as an universal system of representation is useful to agglutinate the interwoven experiences of the participants.
The location and relationship among the pictures projected on the wall, help to structure thinking and the line that follows it. The drawings superimpose and accumulate. The individual line becomes a collective experience, the accumulation of draughts becomes a fading memory of the explored landscape, and the sum of the different layers blurs the graphic itself.

The goal is not to generate a recognisable representation , but to share an experience through a work where individual perception is compatible with others. Walking different itineraries becomes a stage where all kinds of situations, deliberately or accidentally, converge, and from which the images to draw will appear . The drawings are images and thoughts which culminate a process which began by walking.
The drawings can be seen on the walls of ACVic and the artists come from several schools, institutions, associations and collectives:

ADFO Associació Disminuïts Físics d’Osona - Casal de Gent Gran Mossèn Josep Guiteras de Vic - Centre de Normalització Lingüística d’Osona – Centre Mèdic Psicopedagògic d’Osona - Centres Oberts de Vic Afers Socials i Ciutadania - Escola d’Art i Superior de Disseny de Vic - Escola d’Arts Plàstiques de Torelló - Escola d’educació especial Ramon Suriñach de Ripoll - Escola Estel de Vic – Escola Les Pinediques de Taradell – Escola Rocaprevera de Torelló – Escola Sant Miquel dels Sants de Vic - La Farinera Centre d’Arts Visuals –Universitat de Vic. 


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