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On The Doorstep_ and The Builders (Al Portal de Casa_ Els Construcotrs_) is a project directed by Jordi Canudas for cross-collaboration among students of Escola La Sínia at the Remei district of the city of Vic, students of Escola d’Art i Superior de Disseny de Vic and ACVic Centre d’Arts Contemporànies, and with support from Pla de Barris i Participació Ciutadana de l’Ajuntament de Vic and Generalitat de Catalunya. Consell Nacional de la Cultura i de les Arts.

ON THE DOORSTEP_and the builders is a two-pronged project which, starting with contemporary artistic practices, proposes a dialogue with the current social reality at Barri del Remei in Vic. A site-specific project, working in the context of the neighbourhood, once an important part of the transformation plan promoted by Pla de Barris has been completed.  Through this project two distant moments of neighbourhood life, the sixties and the present day, are connected. A relationship formed through the personal experience of Jordi Canudas, as someone who has lived his childhood and adolescence in the neighbourhood, and who in recent years has been attentive to changes with regard to both the physical and social contexts. The project goes from particular to general: his family experience in relation to the house where he lived for years, to the knowledge and exchange with the family or people who live in the house now. From personal experience of the child he was, to the knowledge and the collective construction with the children who now live, play and attend school there. From the house and its inhabitants to the neighbourhood and its neighbours.

This project arises from an initiative to start collaborative projects among different institutions based on the idea of crossing art-education and TERRITORY*. ACVIC takes an active interest in its programming in the relationship between arts projects and schools. The project weaves Jordi Canudas's experience  in the district (territory), the involvement of teachers and students from elementary school and art school (education) with elements of planning, representation and articulation of contents (art).
This is a project in progress, started in February 2011 and expected to be completed in November 2011. Between February and June, activities will be carried out with students and teachers of the Escola la Sínia, and students of the Escola d’Art i Superior de Disseny de Vic. In mid-June the project will be presented at  ACVic Centre d'Arts Contemporànies.

Jordi Canudas
is a Visual artist and professor of Visual Arts at the Departament d’Arts Visuals de l’Escola Massana Centre d’Art i Disseny-UAB

ACVic_Jordi CanudasACVic_Jordi CanudasACVic_Jordi CanudasACVic_Jordi CanudasACVic_Jordi CanudasACVic_Jordi Canudas

1) EN EL PORTAL DE CASA_ This part of the project deals with Jordi Canudas's experience in relation to the houses he lived in for years, deploying a series of relationships to facilitate knowledge and exchange with the people who live there today. Through this relationship he develops portraits and stories interlinking language, objects and customs. Canudas and the current inhabitants share one thing in common; to have established a link with the same doorstep, the same staircase, the same apartment, the same walls. The resulting work will be formalised through photographs, text and objects.

In parallel, a workshop at  Escola d’Art de Vic entitled AL PORTAL DE CASA ( ON THE DOORSTEP_Artistic practice and context, will take place for students of art and design. The workshop proposes a work of reflection and production, approaching from the view of artistic practice, the possibility of proximity, weaving links between the workshop participants and their closer social reality: their flat, their neighbourhood, their district. The results of the workshop will be shown at the at the Sala d’exposicions de l’Escola d’Art de Vic, in June)

2) THE BUILDERS_ This part of the project is in joint development  with the school district, the Centre Escolar Infantil i Primària CEIP La Sínia. La Sínia school gathers the current district reality , with a total of approximately 350 students, more than 65% of children from diverse geographic, cultural and linguistic origins, and a presence of 22 different nationalities learning to use, and communicate in, the Catalan language, as an essential element of cohesion and equality.

This part of the project focuses on children and play as experience and training. THE BUILDERS is a proposal that makes a connection between, on the one hand, one of the activities deeply etched into Jordi Canudas's childhood memories: to build worlds with pieces of wood at the house backyard, and on the other hand, devising and creating together with the La Sinia children a large game built from pieces of wood with shapes and measures corresponding to real elements of their immediate environment  (house, school, neighbourhood ...). A game which, in addition to its practical and educational function, becomes part of the anual programme for the students of 1st and 2nd primary courses, highlighting the symbolic dimension involved, since these children of today, with the possibility of diversity and cultural richness, are the true builders of the district and the city of the future.

The big game THE BUILDERS_ focuses on the possibility of collectively weaving a relationship among children, district and city. The children of La Sinia School will build and install  their work at the ACVic Centre d’Arts Contemporànies spaces.  This work will be accompanied by a video document, THE BUILDERS, to give visibility to the project's contributors.

To carry out the great game THE BUILDERS,  with the children and the team of teachers from the escola la Sínia, students of the Escola d’Art de Vic will be also participating  as practising teachers.



Concept and project direction Jordi Canudas (visual artist and teacher at  Departament d’Arts Visuals de la Escuela Massana Centre d’Art i Disseny-UAB), with the collaboration of Laura Batriu, Idoia Pasqual
and David Reche (students at Escola d’Art i Superior de Disseny de Vic) Mia Guiteras (visual artist-ACVic), Montsita Rierola (visual artist and teacher at Facultad de Educación UVIC), Cristina Ribas and Mireia Tortadès (Community organisers in Vic Sur), David Pujols and Magda Solà  (Occupational workshops, Plan de barrios Vic Sud), Mercè Casellas, Laura Carrasco, Elisabet Franquesa, Mercè Gudayol, Roger Pich, Marta Puigdecens, Emili Quiles and Mireia Serra (teachers at Escuela La Sínia) and students of 1st and 2nd years,  primary school at
Escuela La Sínia.






Videos of the process. Recording and Editing. Mia Guiteres



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