A Project by Ona Bros with the collaboration of Elena Fraj

19.03.2013 at 6.30 pm. Presentation of the project, and results of the workshop "Digital narratives and domestic memories", realised with pupils from the Escola d'Art i Superior de Disseny de Vic.

04.04.2013 - 11.05.2013 Exhibition Camp a Través.( Across fields) ACVic c. Sant Francesc, 1 08500 Vic

“Running from the fascists on foot, across fields, retracing the journey between Anglesola (Lleida) towards the French border to be interned for some months in the camp at Ribesaltes”

The project Camp a Través is a laboratory of visual arts and domestic memories, investigating new narrative applied to production, distribution and networked interactive media through self-editing of stories.

Starting with the story passed down from grandmother to grand-daughter, a capsule memory has been created, which retraces the journey of a flight (Anglesola - Cervera - Manresa - Vic - Olot - Camps de Molló ending at the French internment camp at Ribesaltes).

The capsule repeats the itinerary of this journey. At each stop, like a synergistic dynamo, a collaborative investigation is undertaken, regarding self-narrated history and new technologies, and in this way, we reconfigure the journey, changing it from being a terrifying remembrance, into a creative, learning tour of community empowerment.

In Vic a work group was deployed comprising students from the Escola d'Arts i Superior de Disseny de Vic, in a workshop entitled "Digital narratives and domestic memories". The exhibition to be presented in Vic is formed from the capsule memory by Ona Bros, an installation combining photography, video, and the results of the work with the students of the Escola d'Arts i Superior de Disseny de Vic, in collaboration with Elena Fraj.

The network continues to spread according to how the project progresses. A technological, human network, circulating private memories in a common, political hypertext.
The capsules travel across fields.

Ona Bros (Lleida, 1977). Photographer and visual artist. Graduate in photography from the Fundació Politècnica de Catalunya, Bachelor in Art History. Master in Art Production and Research. Her work follows two strands: documenting social processes, and using photography as device for political intervention. Participant in various art-activism collectives such as Las Agencias; she has realised some works regarding gender and migration in Morocco and Middle East, as “Osama” in audiovisual or  “Neguev” a photographic essay. Her works have been exhibited at La Casa Encendida( Madrid),  Museo de Historia( Zaragoza). Currently she is dedicating herself to production, teaching, and reflections upon documentary and collective narrative technologies.

Elena Gabriela Fraj Herranz (Zaragoza, 1977). Associate lecturer at Image and Design Department ( Fine Arts Faculty) and in the Degree of communication and cultural industries at Universitat de Barcelona. Doctorate student in HIstory and Theory of Audiovisual Representation at Audiovisual Communication Faculty at Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, and Bachelor in Fine Arts Universitat de Barcelona. Teacher of video-editing at  Centre d'Innovació i Formació de L'Hospitalet, SOC. Collaborates with video works in collective projects linking art, activism and pedagogy, such as  oXcars, X.net, Enmedio and Yomango. Awarded the Espais d'art contemporani 2006 in Girona  with the documentary Mémoires d'unes serveuses, with the help of a grant from Instituto de la Juventud, DGA.

Projects from the "Digital narratives and everyday  memories" workshop, as part of the artistic project Camp a Través

Núria Expósito Larraona / Carla Serrat Tarré

Taking the life of Maria, an everyperson, as a pretext, we analyse the human behaviours and mental processes and how a person is formed.
The spectator can move algorithmically between the connections and links of this network. We would prefer everyone to draw their own conclusions.

“All mankind is divided into three classes: Those that are immovable, those that are movable, and those that move”. Benjamin Franklin

One door closes, and another one opens
Marina Berrocal / Raül Herreros / Arnau Flores / Sergio Ramírez

The project is a perspective on the migrations which have taaken place over the years throughout the Iberic peninsula, either as an origin or a destination. To gain a better quality of life has always been one of the most important human objectives, even if such a big step involves great difficulty. In this project, we bring the spectator for a close-up detail of each of our protagonists' contracts.

Real love
Joel Smythe, Elisabet García, Judit Baró, Ariadna Fitó

“Real love” began with the intention of narrating our grandparents' love stories. Different witnesses, … and emotional journeys are exhibited, experienced during the 50s and 60s, with their taboos, censorships, fears…

“Real love” proposes an interaction with the viewer, giving an opportunity to share experience; ending up with the creation of a cloud of stories of real love.

Emilio, a good Spaniard
Ana Pérez-Vico Garcia / Mireia Serra Font

This work gathers information on the Spanish militias, based upon our parents' experiences, and taking historical facts as a reference.
Our preferred focus was taken from an objective, ironic point of view.

Family matters
Sigrid Lavador, Santi Serrano, Tanit Salvador

The project tells the stories of three families, from different places which, for specific reasons, were forced to emigrate to Catalonia in around the 1930s.

Before, after
Sonia Serra Acebedo / Guillem Mora Gri / Laura Botifoll Torrents

Through the experience of one of our grandmothers during the Spanish Civil War, we come to a closer understanding of what religion meant to them and many other people, and how it formed part of their everyday lives, in comparison with the present day.





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