Roaming in  Sala Muncunill of Terrassa
11.05.2013 - 23.06.2013

Opening, Saturday 12th May at 19.00 h

The touring exhibition forms part of the cultural services programme of the Direcció General de Promoció i Cooperació Cultural, offered to municipal art centres and museums. Its mission is to promote contemporary artistic practices in Catalonia as a whole and bring them closer to the people.

With the exhibition "Through the Looking Glass", Joan Fontcuberta (Barcelona, 1955) fully involves himself in a number of issues, crucial in the contemporary debate on artistic practices, arising from the use of new technologies in the field of global communication. Art, even though sometimes considered as belonging to a marginal area of contemporary activities, cannot escape forming part of this broad spectrum of communication.

The exhibition invites us to reflect on the increasing number of images, on their importance , on the proliferation of creators versus the transformation of the traditional concept of authorship, the ease with which images can be generated, the loss of control over their meaning and usage, the potential of the internet for their dissemination and viral spread , threats over privacy versus the public dramatisation of intimacy, all elements clarified and enhanced through the use of social networks and, in this case, connecting with an artistic perspective.

Compiling these images of people photographed in front of the mirror, ost of them published and disseminated through Internet social networking, projecting them in a superimposition of mirror-like self-portraits, the exhibition space is transformed by the confluence of multiple overlapped images, to become a saturated scenario where a performance of unbridled subjectivity takes place in which, as Joan Fontcuberta has said, "playful self-examination prevails over memory." In the exhibition there is a device equipped with a camera and a program with which the viewer may add, if desired, his/her self-portrait.

Joan Fontcuberta has said, in a previous presentation of his work, that broadly speaking there are two types of photography, the one belonging to a decorative sphere and the one in the field of thought; that which embellishes and that which provokes thought. Since the beginning of his career, Fontcuberta has worked in the field of photography leading to reflection, subverting reality, and generating and inscribing a new reality in the mind of the viewer.

Sala Muncunill (Plaça Didó, 3 Terrassa)

From Thuesday to Friday, from 5 pm to 8.30 pm
Saturday, from 5 pm to 8.30 pm
Sundays, from 11 ap to 2 pm
Monday and holidays, close

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