ISSUE nº 1

Escola d'Art i Superior de Disseny de Vic

Issue nº 1
Project of Laura Batriu
17.05.2013 – 15.06.2013

Opening, Friday 17th May at 20.00 h

Final Project / Trajectory is a program of the Escola d’Art i Superior de Disseny: a project staging done by the students at the end of a training cycle studies or higher studies.

Final Project / Trajectory aims to provide a outreach that always carries the Graduation work, leveraging resources and exhibition center's own complicity and collaboration of institutions in the city, which allows us to present some of these projects outside the Escola d'Art.

In my work I experiment with mixing up the languages of art and advertising. The results are compositions and/or contextual objects, appropriated from other creations and which combine image, text, colour and texture. I work intentionally using superfluous themes, using everyday myths and the world of appearances. Although connected with consumer culture, they still deal with timeless and universal themes. I don't look for a reaction from viewers, but rather to connect with then, laugh at the absurd and lend transcendence to that which we think of as banal.

The project Issue nº 1 continues a line of work initiated some years previously.

The project proposes to investigate the mix-up of the languages of art and advertising, starting from the following concepts: art and context, appearances and fashions. And, on the other hand, it proposes to explore new media and formats.

The result of the project will be a series of large-format works, embroidered on fabric, and the start of a magazine, fanzine, with live interventions. The theme will turn upon the rubric, “love, fame and beauty”.

Laura Batriu

The final project Issue nº 1 will be characterised by the use of images and themes drawn from consumer society and mass communication, applied to art. Elements of advertising, texts and images will be introduced, serving as inspiration. Referencing Pop art. A traditional technique will be employed, that of stitching, to satirise the world of high fashion, behind a deceptively soft appearance.

With regard to the edition, it is well-suited to the idea of making objects which lose their uniqueness by being produced in series. An object such as a little commercial magazine with direct links to the world of advertising.

In conclusion, a project which showcases a feminine world, whether feminine in its theme or in the technique emploed, where the importance of the dimensions and quantity is important when the time comes to be seen and remembered.

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