Project by Gisel Castells i Núria Rafart
Beca Ciutat de Vic 2013

04.07.2013 – 31.07.2013

Opening, Friday 4th July at 7 pm

The artistic intervention Naturart is an ephemeral and large sculpture project, held at different cultural venues of the city of Vic. It consists of two sculptures in various open spaces in the city, and a sculpture in an enclosed space with an exhibition of photographs about the interaction of citizens with the sculptures.


The work takes Nature as a source of inspiration and creativity. It aims to bring sculptures to life by abstraction of elements and forms of nature.

During the last decades, the asphalt and construction have formed the backbone of cities, turning them into spaces absent of life and colour. These pieces of great dimensions and living colours attempt to reclaim spaces and green spaces within cities. The work takes colours and shapes which emerge from nature to interpose and invade public spaces, and to contrast with the coldness of the city.

The dimension of the work and its anchoring in space changes each site so that the public has a different view upon them, and the works become more present. The sites selected are of cultural interest to the city, and so should be reclaimed.

This art Work aims to be linked with the city, so it cannot be moved to other places or situations. These works are located in specific areas of the city rooted in buildings, trees or other architectural elements.


The main element of the sculptures is a string of different colours, held in tension. The sculptures may be viewed from different perspectives, so in each case different feelings and shapes may be created. As in nature the landscape is changing, depending on the sunlight, or the weather, etc; it is to use the fragility of string  and the different shapes and visions offered by the sculpture depending on the angle from which is observed,  to change static urban spaces into new  and dynamic ephemeral structures.

We consider that an important aspect of art is the experience and the emotions generated in the viewer. This is why all the works are designed for citizens to interact directly, and can either form part of the space taken up by the artwork, or can play with and modify some elements of the structure.

Following on from this idea, we aim to observe the impact of visitors and their reaction to this artwork. The attitudes of people towards the sculptures will be documented by photography.

The last phase of the project will take place in an interior space and accompanying the presentation of the photographs, which will offer us a vision of citizens who have interacted with the work located in the street. To make the photographic work, we will collaborate with photographers who will capture the interaction between citizens and sculptures.

Gisel Castells Pujol
is a fashion designer and a student of sculpture at the School of Art and Design in Vic. She has work experience in the fashion field. For several years she has tended towards other artistic disciplines such as graphic design and sculpture.

Núria Rafart Franch
is an agronomy engineer by education, with a vocation in the arts in general. She is interested in all kinds of crafts. She has recently worked with fabrics and wool.


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