Project of Esteve Franquesa
07.09.2013 - 26.10.2013

Opening, Saturday 7th september at 7 pm
With Paralelo concert organized by Festival Hoteler in front of ACVic

Curated by Toni Ferron

"Be careful, because I can leave blind" the poet said.

Esteve Franquesa has a good eye. He is brave, and he does not hesitate to put himself in the vanguard, to “shoot” from the front. It is almost as if he were a war correspondent. One of the “old school”, who would “shoot” when they were looking through the viewfinder in the thick of the action.

I like to think, and I could say, that he is like Cartier Bresson and his “decisive moment” but he is surely better, and more precise in his photos, more like Robert Frank: “The decisive moment does not exist. It must be created.” And in these images taken in three days at l'Hoteler, Esteve found it, because he went looking for it.

He selected, photographed and constructed what we see. L'Hoteler is a festival invented and created by a group of the usual suspects, lovers of rhythm and friendship… In these images presented by Esteve, it's easy to see that everything has an air of authenticity, youth, enthusiasm, generosity, energy, and a way of understanding music and, almost certainly, of understanding life itself. It is, therefore, a real-time cartography of underground music in this country and almost a dream-team of this scene.

Every festival, every movement, every fashion, every artist, and in the end every person, needs a portrait of itself which asserts itself before the world. Now, the l'Hoteler Festival has a great and exciting visual document in the excellent work with which Esteve Franquesa presents us!

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