jerks game fotograma28.02.2014 - 03.05.2014

Exhibition by Toni Sadurní and Irene Solà
Winners ex aequo of the Beca Ciutat de Vic a la Producció Artística 2013

Opening, 28th February at 7.00 pm

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“We live in a moment of complex crisis which brings with it a series of social and living conditions which are troubling and turbulent, where prospects and hopes for the future are uncertain and unpromising. In this situation, many young people like us have been forced into a general exodus.”.

Toni and Irene respond to this situation with the project TO EAT / INSTRUCTIONS, since Toni lives in Berlin and Irene in Malla, Reykjavik and Brighton. The goal, then, is to make use of the spatial circumstances of our lives, to work through and with this distance, to study it in depth. We investigate and confront critically and actively this key issue of our generation. We are therefore determined to investigate, conclusively and rigorously, love and friendship at a distance, to question how people love and relate to each other when they are far distant and also when they are nearby, exploring the landscapes formed, which can be constructed and deconstructed in the intangible space which is the distance (whatever it is) separating us.

We understand collaboration not only as cooperative work, but as a living space to make friends, to investigate, and to build something capable of changing the habits of thought. A place for conceiving of and implementing new experiences and living situations, a place of possibility.

The project TO EAT / INSTRUCTIONS was developed with the Beca Ciutat de Vic a la Producció Artística 2013. Through action, archive , and theoretical and photographic project has materialized in the form of artist's book titled food and a photographic series called INSTRUCTIONS. Simultaneously, two video pieces produced by Irene alone in Iceland: Jerks and Game to Read. Both videos explore new ideas through the action of collaboration, communication and distance (which in this case is linguistic and cultural).

Toni Sadurní Viñas (Vic, 1990) is currently studying for a Master of Art History in the global context of the Freie University of Berlin, and is working on art projects including curating the nomadic exhibition La Ghetto (Barcelona, 2013), in collaboration with Galerie Nordenhake ( Berlin, 2013) and Sadurní Gallery (Barcelona, ​​2012), as well as the research, art exhibition and publication, Vic, 1780-1980 ( Museu de l’Art de la Pell , Vic 2011) . He studies Art History at University of Barcelona.

Irene Solà Sàez (Malla, 1990) is currently pursuing a Masters in Literature, Film and Visual Culture at the University of Sussex ( UK ) and is working on artistic and literary projects, including participation in the JCE European Biennial ( Paris , 2013),  the nomadic exhibition La Ghetto (Barcelona, 2013), the collective exhibition Sequences VI Reykjavik Real Time Art Festival (Rekjavík, 2013) and the poetry Collection Bestia (Amadeu Oller Poetry Prize 2012,  ed. Galerada). She studied Fine Arts at the University of Barcelona and University Listaháskoli Icelandic Islands. Since 2005 she has been a member of the Vic Theatre company La Palangana .

Toni and Irene have been working together since 2011, have exhibited at the Casino de Vic Projecte Col·laboratiu, and they have received the Beca Ciutat de Vic for artistic production in 2013.

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