arumi boira baixa brIgnasi Arumí and Pau Uriel

09.09.2014 - 27.09.2014

Presentació i inauguració, dimarts 9 de setembre a les 19.30 h

They work together because the painter would like to write and the writer would like to paint. They work together because of artistic affinity and family proximity, which come together in a studio where it is as though time stands still. But it only seems to be this way. Time does pass, and, in passing the time together, they realised that their drawings need few words and the words need clear images. They work together with few pretensions, and this quality is what they attempt to transmit.

Boira Baixa (Low cloud), is a slow-matured book, with natural, genuine and local ingredients, delicately combined. Boira baixa is a mating dance, the wind moving the leaves, the waves breaking over the sand, and is everything which, through instinct or through necessity, ends up together.

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