nits-digitals boscExhibition by Josep M. Jordana 

07.11.2014 – 22.11.2014

Opening, Friday 7th November at 7 pm

Video installation, forming part of NITSDIGITALS Cicle d’Arts Electròniques de Vic.

The visitor enters a space in deep shadow which recreates a forest. It is a unique forest, composed of ten cut-down trees. The trunks exposing their growth rings, giving indications of their biography.

Each trunk carries a monitor in which you may watch a selection of videos made retrospectively by the author for over twenty years, combined with videos made specifically for the installation. Like the tree rings, which incidentally are only visible when they have been cut, the author shows signs of life through the video work: video as a tattoo, also leaving marks.

Josep M. Jordana
Since 1986 he has worked as a freelance video and film producer. He has made hundreds of productions in the fields of video, fiction, creative documentary and video installation. He has participated in audiovisual shows with Raeo, Lydia Lunch, A cunt on Fmol and Convolution, among others. He has also made commissioned work and collaborates as a director, cameraman and editor with artists, musicians, poets and video creators. He directs the audiovisual production studio NKNS. He runs the online video archive SUMMA, and is co-founder of the association HABITUAL VIDEO TEAM in 1991, along with Lily Costa, with whom he has organised since 2000 the season/festival for video-creation FLUX in Barcelona [www.josepmjordana.com and vimeo.com/josepmjordana].

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