trac 01TRAÇ. Xerrades dibuixades
Oscar Guayabero with Javier Peñafiel, Ferran Blancafort, Albert Cano and Ramon Faura

6, 13, 20 and 27.03.2015
The sessions will be done at 7 pm

Programm curated by Oscar Guayabero showing the capabilities of drawing as a tool for knowledge, as a means of communication, as a vehicle for pprojection, as a way to make ideas, and even dreams, into a reality, placing the focus on the potential of drawing as a mechanism for the creation of knowledge.


Four lectures in performance which leave traces on the walls. Four narrative actions which correspond to TRAÇ's four areas of study, which comprise drawing for: understanding, testing, recalling, and explaining, while at the same time, tasting a hint of drawing in science, illustrative drawing, drawing in architecture, and drawing in art.

Programme of talks

Friday, March 6th

Drawing as an approach to understanding the world

Javier Peñafiel, artist

Friday, March 13th
Drawing as memory
Ferran Blancafort, architect and sketcher

Friday, March 20th
Drawing as laboratory
Albert Cano, Eumogràfic designer

Friday, March 27th
Drawing as a narrative tool
Ramon Faura, architect

These talks about drawing will transform the exhibition space into a classroom, a workshop, a studio, a space for knowledge. An existential experience which simultaneously generates a trace which will last on the walls at ACVIC.

At the same time, a video will be showcased with the earlier Cercle Artístic Sant Lluc sessions by:
Domenec, artist
Flores & Prats
, architects

Miguel Gallardo, illustrator

Josep Perello, scientist

Drawing is as old as human existence. Before writing, the trace appeared, the first attempt to turn thoughts into a shape. Whether on the sand of a beach or on a cave wall, drawing is the first visual interface between humans, the first non-verbal interpersonal communication channel. Drawing is projecting; drawing is a way of thinking, of creating; drawing is a connection between the mind and the hand, between the idea and matter, between creativity and reality. Drawing brings thought, action and narrative together. Thought generates the idea which brings the drawing forth. Narrative creates the need for drawing, to transmit the information contained in thought. The action is what makes thought and narrative possible, by hand. It is the action that makes the idea and the information in the drawing into a reality.

The TRAÇ Drawing Talks started at Cercle Artístic Sant Lluc, part of the exhibition "Traç, drawing as a tool for knowledge" in the programmes of Arts Santa Monica and Cercle Artístic Sant Lluc. (Barcelona 2014-2015).

Drawing as an approach to understanding the world. 
Javier Peñafiel

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The drawing as memory. Ferran Blancafort

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The drawing as laboratory. Albert Cano

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