imatge homing 2Exhibition by Queralt Armengol
14.05.2015 - 31.07.2015

Opening, Thursday 14th May at 7 pm

The project Homing arises from personal experience, from the need to understand and translate the sensations experienced during the last years of travel and constant changes. Emigrating, traveling or simply changing housing can cause an identity crisis, an internal and personal conflict and traumatic loss.

The idea of home is a changing concept, an ambiguous game between abandonment and construction, past and present, between independence and interconnection, between nostalgia and emotion.

From this process of uprooting HOMING originates, the term used in ornithology for the journeys of migratory birds from one side of the planet to another. [I have eliminated "a term difficult to translate but", because obviously it isn't necessary to translate a word which is already in English, and English readers will understand it perfectly.] A reflection, using the format of experimental animation, which draws upon the artist's personal universe, but which speaks of travel, home, uprooting and delocalisation, phenomena increasingly widespread in a society which not only forces mobility upon us, but which also forces us to be available and permanently connected.

This exhibition is part of the Projecte final / Trajectòria (Final project / career path). A programme from the Escola d’Art i Superior de Disseny de Vic which involves staging a project by students at the end of a year's formative training or higher education. ACVic is a collaborator along with other institutions in Vic.