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TRANSDUCERS. Networked Collective Education
Relational Archive
[Exhibition-archive] + Pedagogical Laboratory [Workshop and Resources Centre]
 Project directed by Antonio Collados and Javier Rodrigo

From October 1st to November 28th 2010.
Opening 1st  October, 7.30pm 
ACVic. Centre d'Arts Contemporànies. C.Sant Francesc, 1 08500 Vic T. +34 938853704


Transducers. Networked Collective Education aims  to present  the  practices and materials shown in the archive in the form of  an educational laboratory placed in ACVic Center of Contemporary Arts. To this end, TRANSDUCERS. Networked Collective Education  organises around three points:
- The presentation of four case studies included in the project's archive.
- The creation of a resources centre for gathering documents, publications and a programme of videos à la carte .
- An open workshop "Strategies for territorial work”
The goal is to build the contents of the project in collaboration with several local networks and initiatives .

>Relational Archive Exhibition with four case studies.

ACVic - Transductores. Exposición de Notes For a People's Atlas of Chicago en el gimnasio del centro Wicker Park de Chicago, Enero 2009. Imagen: Jason Reblando. - AREA Chicago. http://www.areachicago.org/ From the year 2005, AREA Chicago published a magazine and also produced a series of actions and events. This activity achieves a double objective; research in the fields of art, education and  activist practices in the city of Chicago; and the production and cohesion of networks between grassroots professionals and activists. In its four years of life, AREA Chicago has published nine editions of the magazine and has produced  more than fifty public events. Among their noteworthy projects is the  Popular Atlas of Chicago, a series of workshops to create and display maps related  to the city, on which to highlight forgotten stories, desires and present problems.

ACVic - Transductores 2010. Construcción del jardín y cocina móvil. 2004.- Atelier d'architecture autogérée (aaa) http://www.urbantactics.org 2001, the group Atelier d'Architecture Autogérée (aaa) undertook a series of self-managed projects in the area of La Chapelle, in the north of Paris, in which they promote  residents' access  to underused spaces to bring about  a critical transformation . The projects started with the collective establishment of a temporary garden, denominated ECObox, built with materials recycled from a hangar belonging to the RFF (French train company), with which they met  to analyse the existing abandoned spaces. The garden became progressively a laboratory of cultural production in which activities, discussions, workshops and every kind of material and immaterial productions were carried out.

ACVic - Transductores 2010. Carteles y maqueta producida en el proyecto Garbage Problems. New York City, 2002 - Andrea Meller, Damon Rich, Rosten Woo y The Center for Urban Pedagogy (CUP). http://www.anothercupdevelopment.org Andrea Meller, Damon Rich, Roster Woo and The Center for Urban Pedagogy (CUP). The CUP is a non profit organization devoted to increasing the quality of civic participation in urban planning and  community design. They work with subjects such as public space,  art, architecture , education and  environmental construction.
Garbage Problems was a research project , running in 2002 with the collaboration of the alternative school City-As-School, about the waste management system of the city of New York due to the emergency arised from the closure of the Staten Island  dump.

ACVic - Transductores 2010. Imagen del primer taller de plantación en Aulagarden. Granada, abril 2008. - Aulagarden. Aulabierta+Faaq http://aulabierta.info Aulagarden is a project within Aulabierta+Faaq, an experience in the design and construction of a community of self-managed learning and knowledge production carried out by students of the university of Granada.  Aulagarden appeared in order to build a garden in the university, a designed space, managed and cared for with the direct participation of the students. It is an open research and an educational  tool whose experience may be used  in  other university and city areas.

>Workshop "Strategies for territorial work". This workshop connects the cultural project  TRANSDUCERS in Vic with several networks and local initiatives, becoming an space of collaborative and participative learning. The workshop is a tool to generate projects in Vic and also other towns, and therefore has  a double objective:
To be a meeting point with different cultural agents, initiatives and local networks, so their works are shown in a process of dialogue with the case studies presented in Transducers.
To present and exchange resources and practical methodologies to open  a debate on  strategies and potential methodologies of a networked practice in a territory.

- Javier Rodrigo. Researcher and art educator. He has worked on coordinating collaborative projects and educational courses, conferences and seminars for teachers, educators and art mediators.
- The Fundició. Cooperative whose work is at the intersection of artistic and cultural practices to education, seen as controversial activities. Currently his main line of action is based on collaborative proposals continuity with different groups, task forces and institutions. www.lafundicio.net

Lines of work of the workshop
Formal and informal education: the role of  schools,  social education and the collective education.
The intervention in neighbourhoods and civic contexts: the role of  development and  community mediation,  work in the public space and sociocultural intervention.
The interdisciplinary work of civic networks or of  civil society: joining together  informal networks or  social movements, and forms of collaboration, resistance or intervention with respect to various social institutions .

Dates: 16th , 17th , 23rd and 25th  November  2010

Aimed at: Workers in Cultural, educational, social projects, formal or informal networks  in  Vic or surrounding areas, interested in participating in processes of collaborative learning during the workshop and in the future with ACVic Center of Contemporary Arts. Students of education science, art, design, environmental sciences, architecture and all those persons interested in collaborative processes.

Workshop aplication: Send a cv and a letter of intent expectations at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Transducers is a cultural project that intends to investigate and promote initiatives in which  artistic practices,  political intervention and education, from the action of interdisciplinary collectives, are articulated in a flexible way.

TRANSDUCERS is defined by the deployment of an archive with which to broadcast,  interweave and question the above practices, through several case studies , searching the direct relationship in context through  seminars, training workshops and  work in collaboration with local agents .
The materials collected in the archive give visibility to  processes carried out by collectives, or the results of their practices (publications, posters, diagrams, maps, videos, etc). These practices are presented as models of collective education,  by which approach specific social problems  (like  recycling,  health, waste disposal, clean energies, the concept of citizenship or urban regeneration)  through  sustainable development,  civic participation or  visual culture. These initiatives include the interdisciplinary work of educators, students, artists, architects, landscape gardeners or town planners, promote the exchange of skills and knowledge, while encouraging collaborative learning, and  instituting alternative spaces of education and citizenship.


TRANSDUCERS. Networked Collective Education is a project organized aand produced by ACVic Centre d'Arts Contemporànies and directed by Antonio Collados and Javier Rodrigo. transductores.net
TRANDUCERS Mobile archive is a project organized and produced by Centro José Guerrero www.centroguerrero.org