18.12.2010 - 16.1.2011
Temple Romà, Llotja del Blat, Casino de Vic, Escola d'Art i Superior de Disseny de Vic, ACVic Centre d'Arts Contemporànies

Thambos is a biennial group show promoting, since 1994, contemporary artistic production and offering emerging or unknown artists different city spaces within Vic to display their work. Unlike previous editions,the curational team and Thambos 9 has been opened to participants from around Catalonia. The curational team comprising teachers, cultural managers and artists has selected nine among more than eighty project applications.. This year's edition has the collaboration of ACVic, incorporating Thambos 9 into the programme Viver de projectes (Nursery Projects).


ACVic 2010. Transductores

Thambos 9 displays nine works using traditional artistic techniques as well as new technologies or civic participation processes. Four of the projects are the result of a work in progress started when the selection verdict was made public and, the five remaining works, are audiovisual or object-based. The artistic projects to be exhibited raise several questions about current society, reflecting upon artistic practice itself, construction of identity and gender, religions, public space, immigration, communication, among other.

Participant artist: Ainara Elgoibar, Clàudia Pagès, Cristina Calderón & J. Paulete, Marcel.lí Gutiérrez, Maria Camila Sanjinés, Manel Quintana, Marta Burugorri Larequi, Mercè Ortega, Saleta Losada and Cooperativa General Humana (Alba Mayol Curci & Álvaro Ramírez).

Curational team: Oriol Fontdevila, Mia Guiteras Oliva, Jordi Lafon, Quim Moya & Juli Pérez

Marta Burrugorri
8 playbacks en mi patio de cocinas
Vídeo. 3’ 26’’. 2010.
8 playbacks en mi patio de cocinas Vídeo. 3’ 26’’. 2010. Video-creation staging eight episodes of a skylight. The artist took sound recordings at different times during the day in this space, later recreating them and reinterpreting them ironically. The project attempts to highlight the clear existence of public space within private space.

Calderon PauleteCristina Calderón i J. Paulete
Los Resilientes

Vídeo. 27’. 2010.
Fake documentary showing interviews with real artists and displaying possible ways of experiencing the frustration of not having reached the desired goal. The video shows the stories of six artists who, having left behind them the condition of emerging artists, now confront the inhospitable terrain ahead of them when they discover the impossibility of success while refusing to abandon their artistic careers. Resilience is a term in psychology defining an individual's capacity to act positively in adverse circumstances.

Ainara Elgoibar

Useless Metronome
Instal·lació sonora. 2010.
Intervention in the mechanism of a metronome, in such a way that is not marking the original rhythm in a composition, but reacting to the rhythms of a radio tuned to a commercial music radio station. It reverses the functioning of a control instrument which has dictated rhythm and cadenza in musical execution since the baroque period. This intervention will not only personify the musical performer, but also the consumer, submitting to this a instrument of rhythmic imposition much more powerful and rigid than any metronome: the market itself.

Marcel·lí Gutiérrez
La banca siempre gana




Cooperativa General Humana
Projecte escènic i vídeo. 2010.
Proposal of dynamisation to a group of individuals of the city of Vic who usually cohabit on fringes of the hegemonic cultural and artistic circuits due to their social and economic condition. The goal is to generate a collective theatrical project by means of a creative workshop, to obtain a complete image (hologram) of our present day reality from an analysis of what we understand as social exclusion.

Mercè Ortega

Segunda piel 2
Performance i instal·lació. 2010.
Throughout November 2010, Mercè Ortega has burst regularly into Aiguafreda clothed as a clown. In spite of the surprise effect , the artist has established an affectionate bond with the inhabitants asking for their help by donating clothes to help her new identity. The project is an invitation to adopt a reflexive attitude towards the conventions that condition the way we relate to otherness.

Clàudia Pagès

Sèrie de 3 vestits i fotografies. 2010.
The martyrdom of Saint Agnès, Saint Eulàlia and Saint Àgueda inspired the design and manufacture of three dresses evoking the tragic experiences the three girls suffered after rejecting the desires of interested men. The dresses illustrate the acts of torture, making evident the details of the male fixation on the female sexual organs. The clothes, a second skin, have now become a screen that reports sadly timeless facts.

Saleta Losada

In nomine mater. Instal·lació. 2010.
An exquisite set of women's underwear serves as canvas to show some literal quotes of texts of specially chosen texts from the Holy Scriptures. These texts demonstrate how biblical women can not be allowed their own subjective reality , but only to exist as the repressed objects of prayers. From the depths of intimacy comes the intention to raise a critical reflection upon ecclesiastical institutions and the Christian double standard .
Tejiendo natura. Instal·lació. 2009.
From the artist's remembrance of childhood on the Galician coast is derived a long, majestic and sublime dress made from netting . A dialogue between the visual fragility and the physical resistance of the material is established, placing us within a metaphorical plan suggesting a way of life and an occupation intimately connected with the context of human nature.

Artistas Salchichas

Maria Camila Sanjinés i Manel Quintana
El perro que se muerde la cola #3. Quid pro quo
Instal·lació. 2010.
Exchange of correspondence between two artists (Manel Quintana and Maria Camila Sanjinés) during more than half a year in order to establish a dialogue through small creative proposals carried out with spontaneity and through the practice of different languages of representation and expression. The interlocutors become each others' mediator, dealing with concepts in a free and easy way, working with everyday referents such as childhood, sex, sorrow, love, family, habitat, anxiety, etc.

Elisabet Wenceslao
Exhibition design:
Carles Martín
Organized by:
H. Associació per a les Arts Contemporànies
Supported by: Generalitat de Catalunya. Consell Nacional de la Cultura i de les Arts
WIth the collaboration of: ACVIC Centre d’Arts Contemporànies Ajuntament de Vic Escola d’Art i Superior de Disseny de Vic Casino de Vic Temple Romà. Patronat d’Estudis Osonencs

Temple Romà
From monday to saturday. 11- 1am and 6-8pm
Sunday and Holidays. 6-8pm
Cristina Calderón and J. Paulete

Llotja del Blat

Monday - Friday 4.30 - 8.30pm
Saturday 10am - 1.30pm / 5 - 8.30pm 

Sunday and Holidays 10am - 1.30pm
Cooperativa General Humana | Marcel·lí Gutiérrez | Mercè Ortega
Visits commented by the artists:
Saturday 8th and 15th January at 6pm

Casino de Vic
Monday - Saturday 6 - 9pm

Artistas Salchichas |Marta Burrugorri
Visits commented by the artists:
Sunday 9th and 16th January at 12.00h

Escola d’Art i Superior de Disseny de Vic
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Ainara Elgoibar | Saleta Losada |Clàudia Pagès

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