cor BR18.06 – 25.07.2020
Exhibition by Rosa Garcia      

Opening of the exhibition
Thursday 18th June at 7 pm
in ACVIC Centre d'Arts Contemporànies

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Items of pottery and food rituals have been connected ever since humanity discovered that, by modelling and drying out certain kinds of earth, objects suitable for containing food and drink could be formed. Inevitably, the emergence of these utensils would transform relationships within the first human clans which used them, leading to the provision of food, and the possibility of calculating a proportionate or equal distribution among its members. This encouraged dialogue and patience, and the establishment of the first codes of conduct regarding meals which would gradually become fixed.

We should not, however, see ourselves in the mirror of a time of which we know little or nothing, but should instead return to it, in order to ideate the possibility of what could be today, and is not.

Rosa Garcia sets the table in order to raise the issue of domestic violence, and especially violence against women. To set the table with the elements that symbolise the evils that have been ingrained within the social structure, and that seem perfect and eternal, when they are just another clay modelling that can be broken at any time. Evils that we share and pass on, perhaps without realising it, in every daily gesture that seems natural to us, until they truly become naturalised, and we no longer see them. Placed on the table, shining in its artifice, each truly visualised piece of the ritual gives us back the option of transforming ourselves in order to transform them.

A blackened heart at the centre, like the petrified agony of a family which swallows nothing else every time it comes together. But the possible communion of a meal is an idea radically opposed to the destruction of our selves, it is linked to the will for survival, for fertility, for abundance, for life that is maintained and which expands; the communion of the meal connects us in understanding without distinction, so that life may go on.

Rosa Garcia, in seeing and reflecting upon the most ordinary thing in all its raw truth, invites us never to eat again at the table of that which we should not submit to anymore, because this day we can see it, and we can think it, and we all know, every one of us, that it poisons us, and that it is a farce to which we consent.

Núria Armengol


Rosa Garcia Marchant has a degree in Fine Arts from the University of Barcelona, and a degree in Artistic Ceramics from the Escola Massana in Barcelona. She alternates between following her profession of ceramicist in her own workshop, and teaching at the Art School of Vic since 1980. Her career in this artistic field extends from art objects to exhibitions and conceptual installations. Her work is centred upon small, medium and large format ceramic murals.

Her work may be seen throughout her local area, and also in a variety of locations in Catalonia, Countries as well as abroad.She has taken part in conferences, seminars and round tables, and in organising fairs, exhibitions, contests and artistic events related to ceramic sculpture.

Website [http://sites.google.com/site/ceramicarosagarcia

Interview with the artist:

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