foto pere tordera BR18.06 – 25.07.2020
Exhibition by Pere Tordera and Irene Solà

Opening of the exhibition, Thursday 18th June at 7 pm
in ACVIC Centre d'Arts Contemporànies

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    [s. XIV; del ll. invisibĭlis, íd.]

    adj Incapable of being seen. That which escapes sight. God is invisible. The man who seats on his wooden chair and eats, and the man who lays    
    down on his bed and smokes, are invisible. The sun, invisible due to a cloud.

             SYNONYMS: indiscernible, imperceptible, impalpable, immaterial.
             ANTONYMS: visible, perceptible.

Irene Solà


A group of Romanian immigrants live and sleep on one of the bridges that cross the Ronda Litoral, and that citizens use to access the Nova Icària beach. During the day, they go out to look for scrap metal or to beg for alms, and despite living on the street, the show great dignity in the way they make their beds every day, and leave their spaces clean and tidy.


Pere Tordera and Blancafort (Tona, 1965) has a degree in photography from the Institut d’Estudis Fotogràfics de Catalunya (IEFC). He worked for the newspaper El 9 Nou in various regional versions in Osona, Vallès Oriental and Vallès Occidental for eight years. In 1998 he opened a photographic studio in Vic which he run himself for more than 10 years. Winner of the Agustí Centelles Prize for graphic journalism (1991), the Ortega y Gasset Prize for graphic journalism (1992), Finalist in Photopress (1993) and the Lux d'Or Prize for social reporting (2005). Since 2010 he has been the editor and graphic editor of the newspaper Ara.

Irene Solà
 (Malla, 1990) is a writer and artist. She has published Canto jo i la muntanya balla (Anagrama, 2019), Els dics (L'Altra editorial, 2018) and Bèstia (Galerada, 2012). Her works and texts were exhibited and read among other places at the CCCB, the Whitechapel Gallery and the Jerwood Arts Center (London), the Bòlit in Girona, the MAC in Mataró, Can Felipa, ACVIC Centre d’Arts Contemporànies, JosédelaFuente Gallery (Santander), Sant Cugat International Poetry Festival, Sitges Poetry Festival and i + Poetry Festival.


Interview with Pere Tordera:

PhotographyLlits. Ronda Litoral, Barcelona (18 de gener de 2018). Pere Tordera

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