amat27.11.2020 – 24.01.2021
Exhibition by Frederic Amat
in L’albergueria (carrer de l’Albergueria, 1 Vic)

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Majestic, the colour black ignores boundaries, and harbours all other colors. Month after month in this year of 2020, I realised a set of seven painted works made with black pigment, made out of charred bones, and the pure white of calcium carbonate. I have called these pictorial works with two extreme colours: Obra Negra, "Black Work." This title triggers a plurality of references and evocations in me, between the imaginary and the impalpable. Mention should be made, however, in this brief note, of the epigraph which, as an alchemical maxim, is written in the second part of Marguerite Yourcenar’s novel: “L’Oeuvre au Noir”

Obscurum per obscurius
Ignotum per ignotius

Explain the dark by means of that which is darker still. Explain the unknown by means of that which is yet more unknown.

It only needs to be said that, as a painter, in the shadow hours, I am moved by light.

Frederic Amat, October 2020

Frederic Amat 
(Barcelona, ​​1952). Frederic Amat's works defy categorisation, and have been exhibited and published throughout the world. His open conception of painting has led him to integrate a multiplicity of artistic languages ​​into his creative work.

He has designed sets for dance and theatre based on texts by García Lorca, Beckett, Juan Goytisolo, Koltès and Octavio Paz, among many others. He also created and supervised work on stages for Stravinsky/Cocteau’s Oedipus Rex oratorios, Caldara’s Maddalena ai piedi di Cristo, Falla's El Sombrero de Tres Picos, and for Sánchez Verdú's opera El viaje a Simorgh. He has also illustrated various literary works such as The Thousand and One NightsThe Odyssey and Seven Days by Mark Strand, with Bob Wilson.

In his interventions in architectural spaces, he has undertaken projects that combine painting, sculpture and ceramics: El mural de les ollesVillanurbsPluja de sang and Mur d’ulls, among others. In keeping with this wide-ranging career path, he has expanded his painting into the field of cinematography in films such as Journey to the Moon, Lorca's only film script, Foc al Càntir by Joan Brossa, El Aullido, with a script by Cabrera Infante, Danse Noire and Deu Dits ...


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