expo sol roca web11.03 – 30.04.2021
Exhibition by Sol Roca and Claudi Dosta

Opening of the exhibition, Thursday 11th de March at 7 pm

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The sermon of fire has smoked your hands.
From the curves that now you no longer touch, all the fruit that you cannot pluck, still hang the seeds that
capture the sound of thunder
to vibrate always
in the intensity of that
which has already happened
not to forget
that it will be repeated.
Everything that shines against eternity is no more than an encapsulated dream.
Under the mud which has burned away only you are left, but now.
In the mud is star-dust, all the shocks and explosions there are inside you, without knowing of it.
If you have closed yourself to listen within and you hear the universe around you, remember the ear:
some force shapes it.
The decapitated shadow of your days is the illusion
ancestral purification
the renewal
the proof that a sun comes out every day.
While the dust sings – your dust -,
you will be free to live in this rooting
and blend yourself with the water that mutates you.
Believe in yourself and create, weep yourself into the dust.
When you take note of your tides resonate again in what you are not.
You have disappeared so many times that you do not even remember
but all your selves almost overlap.
Look at your smoky hands.

Núria Armengol

Sol Roca.
Holds a degree in Fine Arts from the Universitat de Barcelona, is a lecturer at Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, holds a postgraduate degree in Therapeutic Pedagogy from the Universitat de Vic – Universitat Central de Catalunya, and a higher degree in Ceramics at Escola d’Art de Vic.

Author and coordinator of the educational and artistic project Va d’Art (2000-2015), coordinator of the Socrates-Comenius art and education programmes (2006-2013).

Since 1999 she has had both individual and group exhibitions, and has participated in artistic projects in Catalonia, France and Poland.

Claudi Dosta Ivanow. Holds a degree in cinematography at the Escola Superior de Cinema i Audiovisuals de Catalunya, sound designer, musician, member of Power Burkas and About Leaving. He has worked on films such as Personalien and Roi Soleil by Albert Serra, Niños somos todos by Sergi Cameron, and Silencio por favor by Carlos Villafaina.

Photography: Sol Roca. Untitled, 2020

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