foto albert llimos BRExhibition by Albert Llimós and Gerard Guix
13.05 – 12.06.2021

Opening of the exhibition, Thursday 13th May at 7 pm
in ACVIC. Centre d'Arts Contemporànies (Sant Francesc, 1 Vic)

[view program]

Photography: Albert Llimós. Baixada de Mulats d’Espinavell. October 2018.

Good stories are full of details.
Important details are found through careful observation.
In order to observe carefully, you must expand the image, turning yourself into an implacable and patient detective?.

Zoom in:
Under the muzzle of the first horse. A girl looks through the screen of a digital camera. Who uses digital cameras in a world of smartphones? Behind her, a man is watching her, also crouched down, and from the position he takes, it seems as if he is about to jump on her.

Zoom in:
Behind the line of spectators is a lone girl; blue anorak, arms folded. She has her head turned and, unlike everyone else, is not watching the animal show; she gives a serious stare directly at the camera lens, challenging those who stare at the photo.

Zoom in:
Among the group, just behind a family sitting on the ground. A woman, her posture tense, looks intently at her mobile phone; either receiving or sending a message. Something serious, disturbing, worrying.

Zoom out:
Three straight lines join the three protagonists and form a curious triangle.
Stories. Details. Observations.

Gerard Guix


Albert Llimós Verdaguer (1986). He has been studying photography for three years at the IEFC (2004 - 07). Since 2004 he has contributed to the magazine El 9 Nou, joining the staff in 2007, and since 2019 he has led the magazine’s photographic department.

Gerard Guix (Vic, 1975). Writer, playwright and teacher at the Ateneu Barcelonès’s School of Writing. He has published four novels (also translated into Spanish and French), a young adult trilogy, and a dozen of his plays have been performed on stage. After eight years of silence, he is about to publish a new novel, and all his previous works will be republished in digital format.

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