expo ramon ricart BRExhibition by Ramon Ricart
01.10 – 13.11.2021

Opening of the exhibition,
Friday 1st October at 7 pm in ACVIC Centre d'Arts Contemporànies

[veure díptic]

Drawing: Fes realitat els teus somnis. Bang Ediciones (2022). Ramon Ricart


It is not easy to begin creating when the life force needed to do so does not advance at the right time nor pace.

Making the body speak, ignoring the enervating reluctance that coexists along with the daily making and unmaking, the emotions and the ideas, is a profoundly courageous thing.

 It is daring to put yourself at risk, and to let life read you. The work, in this case, and under these conditions, acquires certain singular features, and already the portraits speak for themselves about everything that the artist feels.

I cannot measure it or describe it; what I can tell you from personal experience is that it is unwieldy and that there is a lot of it, but it is what it is.

Taking this step with all the baggage, which can be imagined with a few words, is far more than a challenge, it is a litigation/dispute with the self and with life. It is the power to believe in the ability to define an idea, to transform it by making it understandable, and at the same time to enjoy it as if it were a gift, a toy.

 It is to transform into the child we are, without any pretensions, obligations or behavior, you just have to give your hand to the deep desire to play with the need to express yourself, to make your hands speak with the bold force to create and that everything is revealed in each paper, in the most intimate of each drawing.

 It is to realise a willingness to decide to ride the horse of dreams, to believe oneself a genius, a magician, as the child we all carry inside really is; simple, into everything, curious, seeking, searching, inventing a world that is his world, and letting it be seen, and opening it up to those who wish to learn about it. and to share it.

Whatever you see, speaks!
It’s always the emotions.
It’s always the feelings.
It's always the words,
that emerge laughing or crying.
Whatever you see, speaks!

Whatever you see, has a name!

Sometimes there are those who hide it.
Sometimes there are those who find it an obstacle.
Sometimes there are those who find it embarrassing.
Sometimes there are those who close their eyes.
Sometimes there are those who shine a light on it
to make it more understandable.
Whatever you see, has a name!

Text by Joan Palau

Ramon Ricart
(Vic, 1967). He has dedicated much of his professional life to teaching in schools of Art and Design, such as the Escola d’Art i Superior de Disseny Llotja, the Escola d’Art de Vic – where he was its director during 7 years – and at ESDAP Catalunya. He has combined teaching with projects related to design ( e.g., calendars, magazines, catalogues, posters, corporate identity), illustration (he has illustrated books for EUMO Editorial, Montserrat Abbey Publications, Editorial Resma, and Edicions l'Àlber, among others), comic illustration (in the magazine Tretzevents, with his character Catifa), and has taken part in various group exhibitions.

Recent projects include curating and participating in the exhibition Originals / Inèdits (Illustrators from Osona) (2016), the multidisciplinary project FA NO FA (2018), illustrating Joan Palau’s book of poetry BLAUS, and the forthcoming publication of his first graphic novel TIEMBLA by Bang Ediciones.


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