ToniAnguera brExhibition by Toni Anguera and M. Carme Bernal

12.05 – 18.06.2022

Opening, Thursday 12th May at 7 p.m at ACVIC Centre d'Arts Contemporànies (Sant Francesc, 1 Vic)


Photo: El 3 d'octubre, Toni Anguera, Plaça Major, Vic. 2021

Photographic Stories is a dialogue between an image and a text.
An image, created in a journalistic context, comes into the hands of a writer who, without having more information than the image itself, prepares a text. A text that highlights the poetics of the image.

October 3rd, 2017

Mrs. V. said that she would buy the flowers herself.1 Then she remembered that she would probably not find them anywhere today. "Lovely!" she thought. It would take her all day. Having eaten dinner, and while P. and R. were arguing in the kitchen, Mrs. V. took the opportunity to go and read in the drawing-room; a perfect opportunity to escape from a table vehemently clouded by tobacco smoke. In the afternoon, she would go up the street all by herself towards the square. She would not take the umbrella, because that autumn day was warm and rather sunny.

As soon as the clock rang seven, Mrs. V. put on her lipstick, picked up her lightweight coat, bag, and keys, and left the house. The unusual explosion of people in the street disturbed her a little. She smiled. Upon reaching the square, there was barely a gap, so she stood waiting at one end under a vault. Bless the black horse! 2 shouted the young man by her side, waving a flag.

When she got home — so hard weaving among so many people! —Mrs. V. lay down on the sofa. P. and R. had not yet arrived. The young man's words resonated inside her. She remembered the words clearly: Bless the black horse! She knew that the verse was not like that, and that the poet's blessing was, on the contrary, for the white horse. She smiled, overwhelmed with extraordinary excitement. "Yes, today is a galloping black horse day." -she thought.

M. Carme Bernal Creus

Antoni Anguera i Puig (Vic 1946)
In 1962 he became a self-taught photographer. In 1966 he opened his first shop in Vic, in 1972 he moved to c / Verdaguer, and later he created Clixé 82 until 1992, when he opened the industrial studio in Vic. In 1975 he mounted his first exhibition at Kodak S.A. with whom he taught seminars throughout Spain. In 1983 he studied in Switzerland in the studio of James Perret. In 2000 he settled in Gurb, and began the digital stage of his career, which continues to this day. He has photographed more than 4,800 weddings, was a correspondent for the Europa Press agency, and has been an official FGC photographer since 1984. He has mounted 6 exhibitions in Vic, and has published more than 20 books.

M. Carme Bernal Creus is professor emeritus at UVIC-UCC. She has a PhD in Catalan Philology and specialises in the poetic work of Jacint Verdaguer. Her professional life has always revolved around the teaching of language and literature. She is the author and editor of numerous publications in the field of Children's Literature and in the field of academic literary specialisation. She has the distinction of twice winning, together with Carme Rubio, the Serra d'Or Critics' Award.

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