PujolCreus paris brExhibition by Joan Pujol-Creus and Raquel Santanera

06.10 to 12.11.2022

Opening, Thursday 6/10/22 at 7 p. m.
ACVIC Centre d'Arts Contemporànies (Sant Francesc, 1 Vic)


Photo: Paris, Lumières des rêves, Joan Pujol-Creus. 2010


Photographic Stories is a dialogue between an image and a text. An image, created in a journalistic context, comes into the hands of a writer who, without having more information than the image itself, prepares a text. A text that highlights the poetics of the image.



Un home pot ser un dimoni

i comportar-se molt normal.

Només quan calla

és quan es nota que no és

d'aquest món.

El seu silenci és de mort

i et deixa intranquil

dins el vagó.

Raquel Santanera

PERCEPTION / A man can be a demon / and behave completely normally. / Only when he is silent / is when you notice that he is not / of this world / His silence is deathly / and leaves you unsettled / inside the railway carriage.

Joan Pujol-Creus (Centelles, 1977). He did Image and Audio studies in Barcelona. Since then he has worked as a photographer in the regional press, and has published photographic features in magazines such as Le Monde, The Independent, El Pais, Ara, Le Monde Magazine, El País Semanal, Magazine, etc.

In 2003 he obtained a scholarship for the "7º Encuentro de Fotoperiodismo de Gijón" and an INJUVE award, and in 2004 a scholarship from the sfp of Albarracin. In 2010 he obtained the Photography Scholarship granted by the Ministry of Culture to Colesp in Paris to carry out the Llum i Color a Paris ( Light and Colour in Paris) project, and also the Albarracin sfp professional scholarship. In 2012 he was selected by Full Contact Tarragona.

He is the author of several photo books including La Plaça Major de Vic (The Main Square in Vic) 2008, and Notes sobre Paris, Josep Pla (Notes on Paris, Josep Pla) 2014. Pujol-Creus has also published numerous books on the gastronomic world, collaborating with chefs such as Santi Santamaria (El Racó de Can Fabes), Joan Roca (El Celler de Can Roca) and many others.

He currently combines documentary and author work, with projects and other publications focused on the culinary world.

Raquel Santanera (Manlleu, 1991). She is coordinator of the Els Vespres Malgastats poetry season in the Osona region; and is one of the three programmers of Horiginal, a legendary workshop of recitations and new literary attitudes in Barcelona. In 2015 she won the Martí Dot Award with Teologia poètica d’un sol ús (Disposable Poetic Theology ). With this first collection of poems she inaugurated Babaism, an effort to forge a new mythology of the poetic self, a concept she will continue to explore in the other two collections of poems:

De Robots i Màquines o un Nou Tractat d’Alquímia (Of Robots and Machines or a New Treatise on Alchemy), Pollença poetry prize (2017); and Reina de Rates: Crònica d’una Època (Queen of Rats: Chronicle of an Era), Miquel Martí i Pol poetry award (2020). She has also written, [[>) 4{8.732È-PROTOCOL INTERPLANETARI ( [[>) 4{8,732È-INTERPLANETARY PROTOCOL), included in the book on new Martian narratives: Els Coets Venien Com Llagostes (The Rockets Came Like Locusts).

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