recosits brAlicia Casadesús
Antoni Clapés

2/3 to 29/4/2023

Opening, Thursday March 2nd at 7:00 p.m
At ACVIC Centre d’Arts Contemporànies (Sant Francesc, 1. Vic)

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Image: Alícia Casadesús


Recosits is a joint work between visual artist Alícia Casadesús and poet Antoni Clapés, brought together in a publication of the same name.

Recosits examines the concept of place, taken to mean one's own space, the space that each individual mentally inhabits, our "little homeland". Not a political homeland, but a place, physical or moral, which we internalise, and which shapes itself according to our own roots, our origins, our experiences, our relationships; that place which grants us tranquility and serenity.

But Recosits also examines its opposite, nostalgia, the pain of losing a place; a loss that may have occurred due to various circumstances - among others, the degradation of a space, the lack of personal time, the discomfort of living, or also, and above all, exile.

Poems and images come together in a single speech, in a single saying. There is no will to ekphrasis. No attempt to illustrate with words or pictures what the pictures or words say.

A unique look at the ontological dimension of existence, which in the book is divided into two parts, the first a reflection on place and life, and the second on the loss of place and exile. Exile as one of the forms of wandering, which may be one and the same thing.

And with the wind, as a presence without a place, permanent, metaphor of drifting, lack of anchorage, change, disorientation, strength, storms.

Alicia Casadesús / Antoni Clapés

Alicia Casadesús
L'Esquirol, April 23rd, 1968
Visual artist

She experiences art as an inseparable part of life. As a way of being, of looking, of thinking, from which to explain the world. To take the time to explain it, quite against the current of how we live it. And to explain it just above the threshold of silence, also trying to bring a silence to viewers immersed in the noise of the society they inhabit.

The work which has defined her career often speaks to location, and develops from reflection and perception; whether it is a physical or conceptual place. And from this place she speaks of evanescence and permanence, light, gesture, the substance of things and people; of nature.

Some of her works are collaborations with other creators, especially with the poet Antoni Clapés. These include: «Microgrames» (2017), «Allí on la llum» (2018), «Recosits»(2021) i «Fer un lligall amb la roba ben plegada» (2022).


Antoni Clapés
Sabadell, July 9th, 1948
Poet and translator

Others have expressed much better than he himself the why of his poetic writing:
Remain / on earth // Do not cast shadows / on others // Be in the shadow of others / a clarity
(Reiner Kunze).

Sometimes I think that if I keep on writing, it is to gather up the fragments, more or less luminous and convincing, of a joy of which, we might be tempted to believe, one day long ago exploded like a star inside, and scattered the dust over us (Philippe Jaccottet).

He has always tried to work with other creators, especially Alicia Casadesús (and Benet Rossell).


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