Identitat CarlesArumi brCarles Arumí Domínguez

18.05 - 29.07.2023

Curated by Marià Dinarès, Ton Granero, Ana M. Palomo and Maite Palomo

Opening, Opening, Thursday March 2nd at 7:00 p.m
At ACVIC Centre d’Arts Contemporànies

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Jekyll and Hyde, the splitting of a being

Jekyll, man.
Hyde, artist.
Jekyll inhabits the light.
Hyde is his dark face.
Jekyll lives and fraternises with his peers.
Jekyll lives in conflict.
Jekyll wants to venture into the process of self-definition.
Jekyll wishes to transgress and transform.
Hyde, meanwhile, convulses.
Hyde aims to externalise himself, to show himself.
Jekyll calls Hyde to share the same space.
Hyde immediately overcomes suspicions and repressions.
Hyde explores the least rational of the human body: matter.
Hyde searches beyond academic canons.
Hyde isolates life and the ability to reproduce.
Hyde presents saliva, blood and semen as inert and testimonial matter.
Hyde comes to rummage through the human body deprived of the vital breath.
Hyde ends up turning all of Jekyll's subjects into objects.
Hyde, finally stunned, calls Jekyll.
Hyde offers him the objects and returns to the darkness.
Jekyll reappears and takes centre stage…temporarily.

Ana M Palomo
Thambos 2, 1996


Carles Arumí Domínguez (Vic, 1967-2022) studied at the Escola de Pintura i Dibuix “Casa Masferrer” and at the Escola d’Art i Superior de Disseny, in Vic. He completed his artistic training in various workshops of the Quinzena d’Art de Montesquiu, under the direction of Ramon Parramon, Carles H Mor, Ester Xargay and Toni Serra, among. During the nineties, he formed part of exhibitions such as Thambos 2, VicHció and Homes-Sexe-Poder, leading to his own exhibition at Vic’s Roman Temple and at the Vic Casino, Barcelona’s Sala Metrònom, the Centro Cultural Antiguo Instituto in Gijón, the Espacio Oihanederra Gunea in Vitòria, the Museu d’Història de la Ciutat de Girona, the Sala Muncunill in Terrassa, and the Sala Memorial Vicenç Ros in Martorell. From the nineties onward, his studio was a refuge for his artistic concerns, which were not always realised.

For over twenty years he was in charge of exhibition display, as a display technician and production assistant. In 2010 he joined ACVIC.Centre d’Arts Contemporànies, though he had already been freelancing with the centre for some years. Also with ACVIC, he was a consultant of the ART + SCHOOL project at many schools, and was part of the organisational team for the QUAM Jove.

The exhibition Identitat attempts to pay tribute to the person and the artist who was our friend and colleague.


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