From 2nd December 2011 to 31st December 2011

Exhibition of photomontages  by Andrea Corachán Camús

A project by Grup d’Etnografia dels Espais Públics de l’lnstitut Català d’Antropologia curated by Manuel Delgado and Andrea Corachán Camús.

A project inviting reflection on  possible analogies between  large containers of urban art and culture, museums, cultural centres and total institutions ... spaces of confinement and maintenance of people subjected to constant scrutiny: prisons, psychiatric centres, barracks, hospitals, cemeteries, convents, factories ... The proposal combines a series of round tables, to discuss  the relationship between these two types of internment facilities, with the exhibition of a series of photomontages, which will be displayed simultaneously in  the lobbies of several art centres  in Catalonia.

Fundació Antoni Tàpies (Aragó, 255 Barcelona)
Museu d’Art Contemporani de Barcelona (Pl. Dels Àngels, 1 Barcelona)
Arts Santa Mònica (Rambla Santa Mònica, 7 Barcelona)
CaixaForum Barcelona (Av. de Francesc Ferrer i Guàrdia, 6-8 Barcelona)
CaixaForum Girona (Ciutadans 19 Girona)
CaixaForum Tarragona (Cristòfor Colom, 2 Tarragona)
CaixaForum Lleida (Av. Blondel, 3 Lleida)
CaixaForum Palma (Pl. Weyler, 3 Palma)
Can Xalant (Francesc Layret, 75 Mataró)
ACVic Centre d’Arts Contemporànies (Sant Francesc, 1 Vic)

Cloistered art. Regarding cultural confinement in the post-industrial era
Debate Sessions

Artists, theorists and cultural managers discuss the role of art and cultural containers, museums, cultural centres, etc. in the urban contexts in which they are  located, and in relation to the dynamics of change affecting them.

Sessions will be introduced and directed by Manuel Delgado
The duration of the sessions is 2 hours approximately and the entrance is free

Thursday 1st December 2011, 7pm
Inaugural session with Laurence Rassel i Aïda Sánchez de Serdio. Exhibitions will open simultaneusly in all venues.
Place: Fundació Antoni Tàpies

Wednesday 7th December 2011, 7:30pm
WIth the participation of Carles Guerra
Place: Museu d’Art Contemporani  de Barcelona

Monday 12th  December 2011, 7pm
With the participation of Martí Peran and Pep Dardanyà
Place: Can Xalant Centre d’art i pensament de Mataró

Tuesday, 13th December 2011, 7pm
With the participation of Carles Marqués
Place: CaixaForum Tarragona

Wednesday 14th December 2011, 6pm
With the participation of Ramon Parramon
Place: ACVic Centre d’Arts Contemporànies

Organised by:
Institut Català d’Antropologia

With the collaboration of:
Consell Nacional de la Cultura de les Arts
Generalitat de Catalunya. Departament de Cultura
Obra Social “La Caixa”
Universitat de Barcelona


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