14.12.2011 - 05.02.2012
A project by Lester Barreto, Pedro Dias and Pedro Coelho

Scrap Collector, an emerging figure in Barcelona's public space.


Due to the current crisis, scrap collectors live in extreme poverty and insecurity. Most are young illegal migrants, wandering the city streets, browsing for debris. Previously, many of them were construction workers, but now, due to the crisis, this is their only means of subsistence.

The project consisted of following in their steps during several days, documenting the routes they trace in the urban context. The data collected are represented by computer graphics in the window and on a map / website where you can access the collected audiovisual documentation.

In association with:

APROPEM-NOS. A network of people, organisations and services working for coexistence and mutual understanding among residents of different geographical and cultural origins.
Hangar. Centre de producció i recerca d’arts visuals
Dauda and Pape






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