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28/02/2014 to 05/03/2014

Specifically suitable for students of Primary, Secondary, Secondary, higher education and adult groups. 

Approximate time: 45 minutes. 


ACVic offers teachers the option of an advance guided tour to the exhibition, so it may be adapted to a particular group. 

There will be a guided tour for teachers on 3 April at 5:30 pm. [Please confirm attendance] 

The visits will be documented through photographs sent to the contact person of the group, and will also be posted on the ACVic website.


Accompanied by a Centre guide, the tour shows the exhibition EXTRALOCALS, a collection of art projects emerging from temporary residences in cities which are not the artists' usual homes, ie in exotic contexts for them.

During the visit a fluid dialogue will be maintained with visitors to reflect upon the four projects.

We will tour through various artistic projects to discover:

The ragdolls resulting from a workshop in Cairo where girls of about 12 years explored their present circumstances, and projected their dreams and hopes for the future .

How imaginative and poetic Helsinki botanical gardens can be when, much of the year, all its plants are buried under snow.

How an art project could be invited to reflect on migration and the political conflicts generated by the movement of people across borders.
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How art can also be a motivating element of public participation in the district La Perseverancia of Bogota.
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