Sumary information:

Dates: From 4/7/13 until 28/9/13
Groups: Pupils from Nursery, Primary and Secondary schools, pupils intending to take further studies, students in further education, and also groups of adults.
Approximate duration: Visit, 45 mins // Activity, 45 mins – 1 hr.
Complementary activity: Our time in a box
Price: Free.
More information: http://artiescola.cat


Accompanied by personnel from the Centre, you will discover the ART+SCHOOL+TIME, a collection of works from the centres of education which participated in the 2nd edition of Art and School.

ART AND SCHOOL is a project which attempts to promote the presence of art within cemtres of education, distributing works completed according to a common thematic strand, and sharing resources and methodologies through the relationship between art and teaching.

This year, 22 centres of education have participated, presenting 26 different projects.

Each edition comprises a broad, suggestive theme which allows for a large diversity of proposals; this year, the theme was TIME.

EDUCATIONAL ACTIVITY – Our time in a box

Conceived as an activity for after the guided visit, to continue playing with time, according to the themes suggested by the exhibition.
Using a collage of various materials, we leave our living imprint on cardboard boxes. Who are we? Where do we come from? What do we like? What do we want to be when we grow up? colours, forms, sensations, objects ...

The resulting pieces will be shown in the educational space until the end of the exhibition, when participating groups may come and collect them. The action will be documented in photographs which will be sent to the group's contact, and which will be published on the ACVic website.

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