Visit to the Francesc Abad and Ona Bros exhibitions, accompanied by a guide from the Centre. Two projects, which in a very different way reflect upon on the passage of time, a journey through personal and collective memory, now become history to help us rethink the future.

Visits are free. Aimed at students from 3rd year secondary school and higher education and adult groups. Duration time: Visit: 30-40 '/ / Activity 30

Estratègia de la precarietat is an exhibition aimed as an epilogue to the career of Francesc Abad (Terrassa, 1944), tracing a journey through his past works, many of which are on public display for the first time. There are items, references and symbols which centred Abad's work. reflections upon time, upon reviewing the past, and projecting the future from the utopia.

Camp a través A project of reflection upon the memories of Ona Bros' grandmother .Grandmother and granddaughter weave a story, a journey, about the journey which the grandmother made, escaping from the dictatorship of Franco in 1939, from Anglesola to Ribesaltes. From conversations with her grandmother, Ona considers reliving the same journey, converting her grandmother's personal memory into a space of collective reflection; on each stop of the journey, Bros proposes a process of active research into self-narration, history, and new technologies. At Vic, she is working with students from the School of Art and Design.

Educational activity

Designed to take place after the guided tour of the exhibition, and as a complement to reflect on the prevailing ideas in the works of both artists, we will stitch together a string of memories, feelings and symbols important to each of us. With this action, we will share our personal memories to obtain a thread of collective memory.
Reflecting upon what is important in each of our lives, and how these memories can intervene in the creation of a common future. Participants will keep the final work.

The action will be documented through photographs that will be sent to the contact person of the group.
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