Since October 2012, and running until January 2013, a guided tour has been made available of the exhibition Art + School + Context, including the presentation of the projects Art and School 01 and Al portal de casa_ i els constructors_ Mataró, with a complementary educational activity, available on request, to look in depth at the exhibition's content.

Accompanied by an ACVic guide on a visit to the exhibition, which is a sample of work done by nursery, primary and secondary school pupils. The projects Art School 01 and Al portal de casa_ i els constructors_ Mataró, complement each other by working upon the relationships between art, education and locale, both touching upon education through art. The first has been conceived with a strong interest in generating long-term structures in which teachers (or schools) take on a leadership role accompanied by art specialists. The other is an interaction between artists and teachers, building on shared methodologies based upon the model of artists in residence.

Visits to the exhibition are free and open to groups of pupils at nursery, primary, secondary and higher education levels. Also open to people interested in education and art, and also individuals, associations and groups taking an interest in the discovery and enjoyment of artistic projects.
The duration of the visit may be adapted according to the needs of the group, and should last approximately 45 minutes.

Educational activity
BITS OF A WOOD. .Experimenting with Land Art

This educational activity lasts about 30 minutes.
The activity is designed to take place after the visit, where we will discover endless ways of approaching the countryside, among them, for example, experiments with natural materials, to anthropological research on the lives of our ancestors. To conclude the visit, we will go outside the centre for a fun, expressive and sensorial activity.

The proposal is based on a project designed by Les Pinadiques School in Taradell. Participants divide into groups and, using natural materials found in our forests, each puts together a composition on the ground.

Once finished, groups will look at each other's works, commenting on them and taking pictures of them. These photographs will record the results of the activity, and will be sent on to schools, or a group's designated contact.


Different groups of students of Pre-School Teaching, Primary School Teaching and Occupational Therapy of the University of Vic, 5th degree students of La Sínia, P3 degree students of Les Escoles de Gurb, La Garriga's Scouts, 2nd ESO degree students of
IES La Plana and La Farinera. Centre d'Arts Visualsstudents.

557 people of the guided group had visit the exhibition.
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