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Dates: from 10/10/2014 until 10/01/2014
Groups: Pupils from primary and secondary education, further education students, and students in adult education
Approximate duration: 25 mins approx // Activity: 25 mins approx
Price: Free
Observations: ACVic offets to teaching staff the opportunity to visit the exhibition in advance, in order to adapt the guided visit according to group needs. A guided visit for teaching staff will take place on Tuesday 11th November at 5.30 pm ( Attendance must be confirmed with the centre)

Visits will be documented by photography which will be sent to the group contact and which will be published on the ACVic webpage.


A docent from the Centre will accompany you on your visit to Without Landscape, an exhibition in which Arturo/fito Rodríguez, Igor Rezola and Mawatres/Juan Pablo Orduñez reflect upon landscapes; people, places, moments.


EDUCATIONAL ACTIVITY – What is hidden in these images?

The visit will begin with an educational activity, in which visitors will be invited to reflect upon what can be seen, intuited, hidden, imagined, shown, in an image. With this new perspective, we will delve into the works of three artists whose proposals share the same point of departure, that of landscape, but who have followed three very different paths.
With a critical gaze, Arturo/Fito Rodríguez makes a departure from the social landscape which the communications' media shows us – or hides from us. Mawatres/Juan Pablo Orduñez offers us the historic perspective, a return journey of the recognition of the poetic, starting from a landscape which lies close to us; el Pantà de Sau.
And Igor Rezola takes a walk through the urban and industrial landscape, reimagining it through street-art and grafitti.

More information and reservations: 93 885 37 04 // This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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