muntatge visita cocreacioExhibition:
Mechanisms of collective creation

Dates: Until 18/04/2015

Groups of pupils from primary and secondary schools, students in higher education, and adult groups.

Approximate length: 30 mins approx // Activity: 25 mins approx

Price: Free

Notes: ACVic offers teachers the option to visit the exhibition and take the guided tour beforehand, and adapt it to the group.

There will be a guided tour for teachers on Wednesday 25th March at 17:30. [Please confirm attendance]

Visits will be documented through photographs, which will be sent to the group contact, and which will be posted on the ACVic website.



Accompanied by an Acvic docent, groups will visit Mechanism of Collective Creation, a collection of different proposals based upon creation arising from collective activity. Increasingly, projects are emerging which promote the spirit of teamwork. This exhibition will display proposals by artists and design collectives who follow this line.

CoCreable displays proposals, carried out in different locations (for example, in schools, in parks, at ACVic), which have served to lay the foundations of a horizontal methodology.

Morir de Frio  proposes a dialogue among artists in a bar in Torello.

Ramart presents a game of anonymous letter-writing in which everyone can participate.

I Digues la teva! is a compilation of short films resulting from a workshop conducted by pupils in  4th ESO (4th year secondary) at IES La Plana.

EDUCATIONAL ACTIVITY - Hey! Parents, what would you like to play at?

The exhibition's aim is for visitors to be active participants in manipulating and modifying the exhibition itself. Inspired by CoCreable's work, the proposal is to create a prototype using ludic materials. The question of what games adults might play will help in devising and designing games especially aimed at older players.

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