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Toni Giró i Jordi Mitjà
Cured by Magdala Perpinyà

Dates: Until 31/12/15
Groups: Pupils from primary and secondary schools, students in further education, youth clubs, and adults in general
Duration of Activity: 50 minutes (25 minutes visit, 25 minutes educational activity)
Fee: Free

Observations: ACVic will give teaching staff an opportunity to visit the exhibition in advance, and to join the guided visit, in order to adapt their group's visit to suit. A guided visit, a face-to-face between educators and parents, will take place on Tuesday 20th October at 6pm. [Please contact us to confirm attendance at this event.] Photographs of visits will be taken and sent to the contact within each group, and will also be published on the ACVic website.

Accompanied by an ACVic docent, visitors will look at Toni Giró's and Jordi Mitjà's works in greater depth. These two artists use the mechanisms of contemporary art to talk about, and make us think about, the role we play as consumers in the current economic system.
We buy, spend, throw away, buy ... but are we fully aware of what we're doing?
The value of these two artists' works lie in demonstrating critical points in a collective imaginary associated with excess and abundance, points which end up forming the rulebook for a widespread social behaviour.

EDUCATIONAL ACTIVITY - The suitcase of junk
A worn-out suitcase, frayed ribbons, a coffee-maker which no longer makes coffee ... Like artist Jordi Mitjà, we'll attempt to breathe new life into discarded objects, and together we'll put on a weird and wonderful exhibition.

More information and reservations: 93 885 37 04 // This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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