muntatge visita AE05 brExhibition: ART + ESCOLA + BUIT
Dates: 5/5/16 to 31/7/16
Groups: Pupils of all ages from primary and secondary schools, as well as students in further education, youth clubs, parents associations, and adults in general
Duration of Activity (approximately): 50 minutes (25minutes visit, 25 minutes educational activity)
Fee: Free

Observations: ACVic will give teaching staff an opportunity to visit the exhibition in advance, and to join the guided visit, in order to adapt their group's visit to suit.
A guided visit, a face-to-face between educators and parents, will take place on Thursday 19th May at 5.30pm. [Please contact us to confirm attendance at this event.]

Photographs of visits will be taken and sent to the contact within each group, and will also be published on the ACVic website.
For more information on the project: artiescola.cat

Exhibition concluded: There have done 75 tours with a total of 1023 participants. 29 visits includes an educational activity.


Exhibition of projects from the fifth edition of ART I ESCOLA

Since its inception, ART I ESCOLA has promoted and highlighted the presence of art in schools, encouraging collaboration between organisations working in the fields of art and education, in conjunction with schools, in order to share resources and methodologies, supporting teachers in developing cross-disciplinary projects, and foregrounding the work carried out in schools, based upon a common theme; this year's theme being, The Void.

The main objective of ACVic's exhibitions is that visitors familiarise themselves with artistic expression, in order to enhance their cultural background, as well as to encourage a critical perspective.

In this case, the visit to the exhibition is set up as a game of searching for objects, shapes, materials which suggest to us the concept of the void, or emptiness.


Would you like to hear a story? The educational project linked to the exhibition takes as its starting point the picture-book El Buit (The Void) in which Anna Llenas lyrically expresses that sensation of emptiness in the stomach which we may sometimes feel at certain times in our lives.

An exploration of how to satisfy that emptiness, using the same materials as artists use.

+ more information and booking enquiries: 93 885 37 04 // This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

muntatge activitat AE05 br


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