visitaCAOS brAn exhibition of projects from the sixth edition of Art + School+Chaos

Dates: 11/5/17 al 23/5/17
Groups: Recommended for pupils from Upper Primary School, secondary school ESO and Batxillerat, students in further education, and university, youth clubs, and adults in general
Duration of Activity (approximately): 60 minutes (visit+educational activity)
Fee: Free 

Observations: ACVic will give teaching staff an opportunity to visit the exhibition in advance, and to join the guided visit, in order to adapt their group's visit to suit. A guided visit, a face-to-face between educators and group supervisors, will take place on Tuesday 23th May at 5.30pm. [Please contact us to confirm attendance at this event.]
Photographs of visits will be taken and sent to the contact within each group, and will also be published on the ACVic website.
For more information on the project: http://artiescola.cat/
For more information on educational activities: ACVic | 93 885 37 04 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Exhibition concluded: There have done 46 tours with a total of 939 participants.


Accompanied by a teacher, we'll get to know the various artistic projects by participating schools about the concept of CHAOS.

The objective of ACVic's exhibition is for visitors to familiarise themselves with art, in order to add to their cultural baggage and encourage a critical perspective. In this case, the exhibition hall tour concentrates upon different chaotic forms of working and presenting results. Some of the projects include interactive elements with which visitors can play.


The guided visit is complemented by a practical activity intended to provide a playful spin to the exhibition's content.

Five boxes with five different kinds of materials, offering the chance to play with the creative possibilities of chaos, based on some of the projects from participating schools.

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