exposicio silencis brDates: 26.01.2018 to 31.03.2018
Groups: Recommended for students at secondary school studying ESO and Batxillerat, students in further education, and university students, senior citizens’ and youth clubs, parents associations, family groups, and adults in general
Duration of Activity (approximately): Can be adapted according to group needs
Tour 1: 60 minutes approx. Guided Visit + educational activity 1
Tour 2: 90 minutes approx. Guided Visit + educational activity 2
Fee: Free

Observations: ACVic will give teaching staff an opportunity to visit the exhibition in advance, and to join the guided visit, in order to adapt their group's visit to suit. A guided visit, a face-to-face between educators and group supervisors, will take place on February 20th at 5.30 pm. [Please contact us to confirm attendance at this event.]
Photographs of visits will be taken and sent to the contact within each group, and will also be published on the ACVic website.
For more information on the exhibition and guided visits: ACVic | 93 885 37 04 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

muntatge visita silenci brSILENCE/S
Ricard Aymar - Albert Bayona - Ferran Blancafort - Félix Blume - Carme Garolera - Pep Mata - Ignasi Villares
Curated by Jordi Tolosa


ACVic's exhibitions aim for visitors to familiarise themselves with contemporaryart, in order to enrich their cultural background, and to encourage a critical perspective.

Silence/s exhibition is an approach by different visual artists to the concept of silence, from photography to installation.

The silence of nature, and the relationship between the individual and landscape are explored, as well as individual silence - which is sometimes found when the artist is immersed in nature-, and even the concept of emptiness in architectural and physical spaces, and also in the silence that ensues in absence and in death.

Jordi Tolosa, exhibition curator, accentuates silence as elements of beginning and ending, that which lends order to the word, to the cut between sounds, between sound and silence, the pause.

The exhibition will also create an excuse to make a personal reflection on the relationship we establish in our daily lives with the concept of silence.


Tour 1: Paper Sounds (20 min.)
Leaving ACVic and going outdoors to take note of silence in the first person. Allowing a few moments of quiet in which to listen. Is there silence? What can be heard?
Once inside the centre, we will capture these small sounds in paper cuttings which will represent the experience in the Art Centre’s display windows.

Tour 2: The Suitcase of Emptiness (40 min.) Discovering the Suitcase of Emptiness, from ACVic’s Art i Escola (Art and School) programme, and the Osona Centre de Recursos Pedagògics (Centre for Educational Resources).
In this activity, emptiness manifests itself as a possibility for filling up, for acting, for making. In the void, there is the fertile and necessary space for creation. Often, when we look closely at where there has once been something that is no longer there, we find a trace, a clue, perhaps an odour that reveals the mystery of that absence, of that emptiness.
Our reflections will also lead to more intangible spaces. In the interior void, all the absences and forgetfulness. And also the need to relax and release tensions.

muntatge activitat silenci br

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