expo armengol seleccio br 03Dates: 10/5/2018 until 12/01/2019
Groups: Recommended for all ages. Primary school pupils, secondary school students, students in further education, parents’ association members, family groups, adult groups etc..

Duration: 60 minutes (30 minutes visit + 30 minutes activity). 60 minutes approximately (adaptable to group needs).
Cost: Free visit and activities
Observations: ACVic offers teachers the option of a prior visit to the exhibition and the guided tour, so that their group visit may be adapted according to the group’s needs.
Educators and parents are invited to a guided tour on Wednesday 30th October 5.30 pm [Free activity – Please confirm attendance.]
Visits will be documented by photographs, which will be sent to the designated group contact, and which will be published on the web.
More information on the exhibition and visits: ACVic | 93 885 37 04 o This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Exhibition concluded: There have done 14 tours with a total of 292 participants.

expo armengol seleccio br 04THE UNDECIDED LANDSCAPES
Judit Bou – Patricia Dauder – Mònica Planes – Jorge Yeregui
Curated by David Armengol


The undecided landscapes is a collective exhibition where the common nexus is the relationship which artists share with landscapes.

For Armengol, the undecided landscapes are "trapped landscapes, half-way between natural and urban".
The four artists in the show approach these landscapes from different perspectives and disciplines, but they all share one thing in common; establishing a dialogue with landscapes after spending a long period of time on-site.

ACVic's commented visits aim to familiarise visitors with contemporary art, in order to enrich their cultural background and foster a critical eye.


The importance of small details
Recommended for: Pre-school and primary education

When we look closely at an object, we begin to glimpse the small details of which it is composed. As Jorge Yeregui does in "Montes", using photography, we will define those elements of which an object, or a location, are composed.

From thought to action!
Recommended for: Primary, secondary and adult education

What is the environment around the art centre? How would the artists in this exhibition relate to this environment?
In small work groups, and taking one of the exhibition’s artists as a reference, we will build up a relationship with the art centre’s environment, and intervene using various available resources, for example, elements used in land art, artist's books, photography, and video, among others.


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