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Exhibition concluded: There have done 38 tours with a total of 929 participants. 1255 people visited the exhibition.

Dates: 16/5/19 to 27/7/19
Groups: Recommended for all ages. Primary school pupils, secondary school students, students in further education, parents’ association members, family groups, adult groups etc...

Approximate duration: 60 minutes / 90 minutes. (adaptable to group needs).
Cost: Free
ACVic offers teachers the option of a prior visit to the exhibition and the guided tour, so that their group visit may be adapted according to the group’s needs.
Visits will be documented by photographs, which will be sent to the designated group contact, and which will be published on the web.
More information on the exhibition and visits: ACVic | 93 885 37 04 o This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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ART+ESCOLA+REFUGI is an exhibition of projects made in schools participating in the Art i Escola 08 programme of activities based on the concept of Refuge.

Students from a number of schools have experimented with sculpture, photography, performance art, painting, and many other art practices, realising artistic activites running from constructing a hut in the school playground to passing the night in school, by way of writing songs about the conflict in Syria, of considering the protection offered by wearing a mask, or of considering the love which awakens embraces.

ACVic's commented visits aim to acquaint visitors with contemporary art, to enrich visitors' cultural background, and to encourage a critical point of view.



1. What our bodies tell us. An activity which may be adapted for groups in all age-ranges.

2. Leave your mark on the exhibition! An activity for families and participants of all ages.
This is an open activity, permanently available to exhibition visitors at all times, and without prior booking.

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