Guided visits to Trilogy of hidden reality

difuVisites IsakiLacuesta 01TRILOGY OF HIDDEN REALITY
Isaki Lacuesta

EXHIBITION CONCLUDED: There have done 15 tours with a total of 205 participants. 1218 people visited the exhibition.

Dates: 21/1 – 30/4/2021
Groups: Recommended for secondary school students 16 years of age and above, students in further education, adult groups.

We recommend that Secondary Education teachers who wish to visit the exhibition contact the ACVIC team beforehand in order to find out more about the exhibition’s content in advance.

There will be a guided tour for educators on Tuesday 9 February at 5.30pm. [Free activity - Attendance must be confirmed]

Duration: 60 minutes (guided visit + activity). 60 minutes approximately (adaptable to group needs).
Cost: Free visit and activities
Observations: ACVic offers teachers the option of an advance visit to the exhibition and the guided tour, so that their group visit may be adapted according to the group’s needs.
Visits will be documented by photographs, which will be sent to the designated group contact, and which will be published on the ACVIC’s web and social networks.
More information on the exhibition and visits: ACVIC | 93 885 37 04 o This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Isaki Lacuesta is a film director, screenwriter and multidisciplinary creator. His output includes documentaries, fiction films, video installations and multidisciplinary performances. Aside from these, however, in the field of contemporary visual arts, he investigates other forms of expression and narration. In this exhibition may be seen various video installations that appeal to viewers, and convert them into active spectators.

Jo soc allò prohibit (“I am that which is forbidden”) is a collection of images, documents, theatre plays and music, etc. which have been censored during the last 40 years of democracy in Spain. It grants its audience a critical reflection upon that which a society shows and conceals, and on those things that define it, posing questions regarding whether government-exercised censorship is for the protection of its citizens, or whether it represents a lack of freedom.

While Jo soc allò prohibit reflects upon censorship, l’Acusat (un cas del sud), (The Accused (A case from the south)) and El rito (The Rite) refer to social self-censorship, which occurs when society voluntarily ignores reality; in the former case, when the pillars on which a society is based are made manifest, while in the latter, by looking away from the process of working in a slaughterhouse. These works afford an opportunity for viewers to confront issues that they may often prefer remained hidden, such as the business model driving the meat industry.

Studying Lacuesta’s work, viewers will find themselves confronted by the role played by the spectator in front of an audiovisual work, whether it is a film, a newspaper report or a meme that reaches us through social networks.

ACVic’s guided tours aim to familiarise visitors with contemporary art, in order to enrich their cultural background, and to encourage critical thinking.

Reflections of a reality

The visit to the halls is structured as a debate about a Pandora’s box, a box filled with things which this exhibition has displayed and concealed.

At the end, a large mirror draws in and questions viewers, so that they may leave their mark upon the space of that which they prohibit, or which is prohibited to them.

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