visita esclusa 01 brTHE LEGACY OF LIGHT
Manel Esclusa

EXHIBITION CONCLUDED: There have done 12 tours with a total of 306 participants. 1.254 people visited the exhibition.

Dates: 21/1 – 30/4/2022
Suitable for all age groups, including pre-school children, and students in primary, secondary and further education.
Approximate duration:
60 minutes (guided visit plus related activity). This timing is approximate, and may be altered in accordance with the needs of the visiting group.
Cost: Free visit and activity.
Observations: ACVIC offers teachers the opportunity to take a prior guided visit to the exhibition, in order to adapt the experience to the needs of the group. Visits will be photographed, and the resulting photographs will be sent to a nominated group contact, and will be published on ACVIC’s website and in its social media feeds.
There will be a guided visit for educators and assistants on Thursday 27th October, at 5.30 p.m. (This activity is free – please confirm attendance.)


Manel Esclusa is the photographer of light par excellence. In his work, light is his raw material, the plastic from which he constructs images. But it is also the concept, the key to his research, and the subject of his photographs.

In this visit, we will address the importance of light in the perception and in the existence of objects, for creation and for life. Every time the sun rises, the inescapable passage of time is made manifest, and another rotation of the earth on its axis becomes evident. In what ways do we perceive light? Only through sight?

The exhibition, curated by Laura Terré, a historian of photography, takes a look at the career of this contemporary photographer with an artistic career of more than fifty years.

THE LEGACY OF LIGHT, by Manel Esclusa is an exhibition produced by ACVIC, distributed across four venues throughout the city; at the Escola d’Art de Vic, the Museu de l’Art de la Pell and the Temple Romà. T
he guided tour will take place at ACVIC, and will revolve around the photographic series presented in the exhibition.


After touring the exhibition and learning about Manel Esclusa’s works, participants will leave the ACVIC building to look for the same quality of light outside. And where to find this quality of light, when light is everywhere, in broad daylight? The answer is: In the shadows. In small work groups and using ACVIC cameras, participants will create their own compositions from the shadows around the art centre.

This activity is suitable for all ages, from pre-school to higher education.


More information about the exhibition and visits: ACVIC | 93 885 37 04 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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