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Jordi Cano Exhibition

Curated by Glòria Picazo

EXHIBITION CONCLUDED: There have done 13 tours with a total of 214 participants. 1.771 people visited the exhibition.

Exhibition venue: ACVIC Centre d’Arts Contemporànies (Sant Francesc, 1 Vic)
Dates: 4/2– 23/4/2022
Groups: Suitable for all ages, including students in nursery school/kindergarten, primary and secondary schools and further education.
Duration: 60 minutes approximately (guided visit + educational activity). Tours may be adapted to group needs).
Cost: Free visit and activities
Observations: ACVic offers teachers the option of an advance visit to the exhibition and the guided tour, in order that their group visit may be adapted according to the group’s needs. Visits will be documented by photographs, which will be sent to the designated group contact, and which will be published on the ACVIC’s web and on social networks.

There will be a guided visit for educators on Wednesday 9th February at 5.30pm. [Free activity -- Attendance must be confirmed in advance]

More information on the exhibition and visits: ACVIC | 93 885 37 04 o This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The exhibition is presented as a walk through the universe of Jordi Cano and the cultural influences upon him, a diverse collection that included music, dance, cinema, visual arts, literature and folk tales, among others: Miles Davis, Pina Bausch, Francis Ford Coppola, Joseph Beuys, Lewis Carroll, Little Red Riding Hood, pervade the artist's work.

Curator Glòria Picazo has structured the exhibition in accordance with various subject-areas; cultural influences; a journey through three artist books produced in collaboration with various writers; an area dedicated to characters from children's literature; and an area which shows the artist’s educational side, exhibited at the Escola d’Art de Vic/School of Art of Vic, which explains a pedagogical methodology developed by Cano, transforming the space into an open classroom for experimenting with this creative method.

Through this visit to the exhibition, we will learn not only about Jordi Cano’s work, but also about everything that contextualised the creative output of a multidisciplinary artist who went from theatre to painting, design, communication, and who, from these experiences, devised a creative method.

ACVIC’s guided tours aim to familiarise visitors with contemporary art in order to enrich their cultural background, and to encourage critical thinking.

The Jordi Cano Universe of tales

The exhibition tour begins with the influences that nourished Jordi Cano, specifically traditional characters and tales. Visitors will then tour the exhibition in search of rabbits, wolves, magical lamps and other symbols embedded in Cano’s works. Finally, participants will reinterpret these well-known tales from their own individual points of view.

The visit and activity is suitable for all ages, from pre-school to higher education.

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