AE11 inauguracio brART + SCHOOL + CARING
12.05 - 30.07.22

Curated by Assumpta Bassas

EXHIBITION CONCLUDED: There have done 36 tours with a total of 746 participants. 1.696 people visited the exhibition.

Exhibition of projects from the eleventh edition of ART I ESCOLA.

ART + SCHOOL + CARING is an exhibition comprising the 33 projects carried out in participating schools.

Students from various schools have approached the subject from various angles; the importance of self-care; taking care of one's own community,and so exploring the quality of human relationships; taking care of the environment we live in, the living creatures around us, and the planet itself. Using various materials and disciplines (among them photography, drawing, engraving, screen-printing, performance, video), the participating students have made their exploration of the meaning of care.

Dates: 12.05 - 30.07.21
Groups: Suitable for all ages, including students in nursery school/kindergarten, primary and secondary schools and further education. Also senior citizens and family groups, parents’ organisations, leisure clubs, etc.
Duration: 660 minutes approximately (guided visit + educational activity). Tours may be adapted to group needs).
Cost: Free visit and activities
Observations: ACVic offers teachers the option of an advance visit to the exhibition and the guided tour, so that school visits may be adapted according to the group’s needs. There will be a guided tour for teachers and one assistant on Wednesday 25th May at 5.30 p.m.. [Free activity – please confirm attendance.]
Visits will be documented by photographs, which will be sent to the designated group contact, and which will be published on the ACVIC website and on social networks.
More information on the exhibition and visits: ACVIC | 93 885 37 04 o This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Accompanied by an educator from the art centre, visitors will find out more about the various artistic projects on the theme of CARING from participating schools.
This tour invites visitors to consider a variety of issues, such as; the various forms that caring may take; what objects are taken care of, and who takes care of them; whether all forms of caring are visible;and in the context of the museum, who takes care of the space?
These reflections fill the exhibition rooms in which the schools’ projects harmonise with artistic statements about caring.
The exhibitions mounted by ACVIC’s aim to bring visitors in closer touch with the arts, enriching their cultural knowledge and encouraging a critical eye.

Self-image and self-knowledge: how do I need to be cared for?

The guided tour is complemented by a practical activity that makes use of various artistic materials. The activity aims to help students, through self-identification, to recognise themselves, and to discover for themselves what makes them feel cared for.

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