visita mortals brMORTALS (Prelude)
4/11/2023 to 27/01/2024

Artists: Rosa Amorós, Susana Casares, Democracia, Alex Gifreu, Albert Potrony, Alicia Santamaria, Anna Vilamú Bosch-Associació, and Adriana Wallis.
Curated by: Roser Sanjuan, Albert Potrony, and Maite Palomo.

Exhibition venue: ACVIC Centre d’Arts Contemporànies (Sant Francesc, 1 Vic)
Dates: 4/11/2023 to 27/01/2027

Groups: students in primary and secondary schools and further education. Also informal education groups, social, cultural, and leisure organisations
Duration: 60 or 90 minutes approximately (guided visit + educational activity). Tours may be adapted to accommodate group needs.
Cost: Free visit and activities
Observations: ACVic offers teachers the option of an advance visit to the exhibition and the guided tour, in order that their group visit may be adapted according to the group’s needs. There will be a guided visit for educators on Wednesday 29th November, and Thursday 30th December, at 5.30pm. [Free activity -- Attendance must be confirmed in advance]
More information on the exhibition and visits: ACVIC | 93 885 37 04 o This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


MORTALS (Preludi) is a group exhibition in which a selection of works by Albert Potrony on ageing, healing, memory and loss, created in collaboration with various contributors, both individual and collective, establish dialogues with a series of works by contemporary artists who are formally and conceptually similar.

Albert Potrony has been working together with students from the Escola Vic Centre and, therefore, the exhibition includes the students' perspective on these themes.

The guided visits to the exhibition aim to bring these themes closer to children and young people providing them with the tools to deal with these issues. We believe that it is necessary to live without turning a blind eye to mortality, at any stage of life, so that we do not have to face it for the first time in a situation of loss and grief. Death is a condition of life, and being aware of it allows us to live life to the full.

Losing and finding again

An activity inspired by the project Perdre i Retrobar by Albert Potrony, which is included in the exhibition.

We have all lost something; an object, a pet, a person who is no longer there, etc. Participants in the workshop will set aside some time to think about it: what it was like, when it was lost, what we do to remember it. Afterwords participants will make a small plasticine figure of what they have lost.

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* Imatges: Projecte Morir i Jugar, Albert Potrony, 2023
Visita a l'exposició ART + ESCOLA + ARREL, ACVIC 2023

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