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Educational offer for schools

Students from El Cabrerès de l'Esquirol School and el Riu Vic participated in the workshop What is hiding in the clouds? at ACVic’s Miniespai.

Thursday 7th and Tuesday 26th of March 2019

Based on the Peng & Hu book HIRAMEKI Clouds: Draw What You See, we looked for imaginary forms, animals and characters hidden in the clouds, shadows and other elements in the Centre of Art's surroundings.


Each sky is an inspiration,
Each cloud floats free,
Unlock your imagination,
Draw what you see!

Peng & Hu

The workshop began with browsing through the picture-book, in which we saw clouds of a thousand shapes and colors. Next, we left the centre and, lying down on the ground in twos, we looked for forms in that day’s clouds. We were lucky, after a cloudy morning, the sun rose and there was a breeze. The sky was full of very different clouds.
We returned to ACVic and we finished up the workshop with a collective artwork: our own cloudy sky!

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