cianotipia mestreAndreu brFamily cyanotype workshop

Saturday, June 17th, 2023
From 11 a.m. to 1 p.m
At ACVIC Centre d’Arts Contemporànies

As part of the ART+SCHOOL+ROOTS exhibition

Going to the root implies action, search, expectations, adventure. Roots nourish and sustain. They give answers and create new questions. They allow birds to migrate across geographical boundaries, and to know their way back. Roots are inheritance, network, the visible and the invisible, memory. (Lara M. Pascual)

Printing light is an activity about family roots working with cyanotypes, a technique for "painting" with sunlight. In these workshop, light will help us to make apparent what lies beneath.

A workshop by Xè Canal and Bruna Dinarès.

Children over 3 years of age and accompanying adults.

€7 per family
Registration until Thursday, June 15th using the form or by calling 93 885 37 04. Limited places. 

> Access to the registration form

Please, wear clothing which you don’t mind getting messy. Part of the workshop will take place outside ACVIC.

*Imatge: Institut-Escola Mestre Andreu, AE12

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