What is ACVIC?

art / pedagogy / social space

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Contemporary artistic practices: creation, investigation, production and difusion.
Art related with education, territory and social space.


ACVic Centre d’Arts Contemporànies is a public cultural venue which promotes the creation, production and exhibition of proposals in the visual arts, as well as in other contemporary artistic disciplines. ACVic is a territorial/local centre of the Public System of Visual Arts in Catalonia. Through its activities, it serves to encourage artistic creation, production and distribution and at the same time show itself to be a centre committed to its immediate environment. In addition, it seeks dialogue with national and international contexts to broadcast its own activities, and, in order to receive artists and cultural agents to interact with their experiences and to be involved in global issues of contemporary arts.

ACVic is the result of a collaboration among the Ajuntament de Vic, Departament de Cultura of the Generalitat de Catalunya and H. Associació per a les Arts Contemporànies.


Line of action art / teaching / social space

ACVic Centre D'Arts Contemporànies follows a trend of action centred on the relationships among educational activities, territory and social interaction. Art and education, interlaced together, facilitate production spaces which favour experimentation, and an understanding of artistic practices as practices affecting, interacting and transforming social space. From this approach ACvic proposes to generate an area of confluence between artistic production and educational action, so that the education becomes a pioneering activity incorporating mechanisms of research, dynamising art production aspects, stimulating participation and displaying devices of visibility and communication of the arts.

Often, from the artistic point of view, teaching has been relegated to contributing a complementary value to cultural production, endangering the latter with a degradation in quality, and a diminution of its critical position. From the educational and social action point of view, the artist's work is often considered to be closed to collaboration with educational projects or of community intervention in specific contexts and with local institutions. Although these visions are opposed, ACvic's approach aims to define new stages and to demonstrate that these opposite attitudes have been overcome by projects that act in a renewed and critical way.

If teaching consists of producing experiences, knowledge and values with the resources within our reach; conducting these resources across artistic production and in relation with experiences arising within a particular context, will result in a production of knowledge, values and experiences which can generate cultural policies and learnings based on collective processes as well.

From these ideas and within the field of experimental action, the relationship between art and teaching will not only be treated as a way to educate through artistic practice, or as a way to find a new audience for the arts, but as a relationship that proposes to generate situations which make transmission of knowledge and exchange of experiences possible, to investigate by means of artistic production, and to use technologies and media to communicate artistic experience through inclusion or renewal of social dynamics. ACvic's basic trends of work arise from three interconnected elements: artistic production, teaching and relationship networks. The correct combination of these elements will allow audiences, users and involved practitioners to join progressively the different artistic activities proposed by ACVic.

A risk-taker centre, a space for experimentation
Artistic practice must reflect the daily conflicts that converge on social space. The activity ACvic will offer seeks to affect through reflection, mediation or through critique of controversial elements of the social context. In order to work from this perspective of experimentation and research, and in order to develop risky content which put in practice in social context, ACVic will welcome artists, architects, designers, teachers, cultural managers, commissioners, educators, social researchers and in general a wide typology of creators and investigators who may share common projects. ACVic emerges as a platform of cultural action where risk is synonymous with innovation, research and experimentation. These are the basic elements to promote project production, to encourage educational activities and to display the results in the most suitable way: with exhibitions, publications, knowledge archives and through the use of communication media .

Research, production, educational actions and visibility are a main part of the programme line, both of each project and of the Centre's whole activity. In fact, the proposed programme, favours people active participation in many ways. ACvic aims to be part of its immediate context, facilitating activities which reflect aspects of civil, regional and territorial reality. On the other hand it is important to notice that the programme incorporates research in the sense of stimulating projects that will develop methodologies based on hypothetical works and making them possible. The basis for this research space are: the art in all its extensions and contemporary diversions and teaching from aspects which in confluence with the arts, seek to affect the social and cultural contexts of the individuals and territory establishing a place of crossing flow of ideas, of convergence and of social experience.



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